Gillard did nothing wrong: ex-boyfriend

Julia Gillard's former boyfriend and one time Australian Workers Union boss Bruce Wilson has broken his silence on the 17-year-old union slush fund saga declaring the Prime Minister has "absolutely nothing to answer for" and "did no wrong".

"Let me make this absolutely clear; apart from the initial legal advice Julia Gillard provided on the AWU Workplace Reform Association fund, she had nothing to do with any of it," he told Fairfax Media.

"Julia Gillard had absolutely no knowledge of anything that went after and people can search and continue this hunt all they like but they will find nothing. Nothing."

Speaking from his NSW north coast home on Saturday night, Mr Wilson said his decision to speak out had come in the wake of a constant media pressure.

"Today I was trying to put my 10 month old to sleep and reporters were constantly pressing the bell so I decided I had had a gutful and I spoke out so the media would stop," he said.

Ms Gillard has been under increasing pressure from the Opposition and from media reports to answer fresh claims she was involved with the mortgage on a property partly paid for with stolen union funds.

Another identity involved in the scandal, so called "bagman" Ralph Blewitt, arrived back in Australia after living abroad to give a statement to Victorian police about his knowledge of the affair in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Opposition deputy leader Julie Bishop, who has led the coalition's attack on Ms Gillard and the affair, said last night Mr Wilson's comments clearing Ms Gillard were "part of his continuing cover-up" and she called on him to give a "frank and full statement" of the 17 year old episode.

Mr Blewitt laughed when contacted by Fairfax Media on Saturday night and was informed about Mr Wilson's rebuttal but said "I can't make any comment on this due to on advice from my lawyers".

It is also understood the AWU is reviewing its legal options in light of Mr Blewitt's return to Australia to provide statements to police and, now, Mr Wilson's public commentary.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Picture: Alex Ellinghausen

Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Picture: Alex Ellinghausen