Kiama daredevil becomes Bond stuntman

For someone who has backflipped across London's Tower Bridge and soared over 115 metres of water on a dirt bike, you would think Robbie Maddison has had more than his fill of excitement for one lifetime.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall.

Not so, according to the Kiama-born daredevil, who has only just realised his childhood dream of becoming a stunt rider - in the newly released James Bond blockbuster, Skyfall.

The 31-year-old doubled as Daniel Craig during one of the popular franchise's signature action sequences, powering over rooftops in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar on a Honda CRF 250.

The FMX star rates it as "one of the coolest things" he has done in his career.

"It was a lifelong dream come true," Maddison said.

"As a kid I always wanted to become a stuntman. I love riding motorbikes but I always had this dream of being a stuntman in movies, so it was an honour to get that opportunity."

Maddison spent two months in Istanbul this year, filming a number of motorbike chase sequences that involved dropping from heights and riding across narrow catwalks along city rooftops.

And, while he had the chance to meet and socialise with international superstars on set, he said the reality of the venture only sank in when he saw the full movie for the first time two weeks ago.

"To get that opportunity is still so surreal - it kind of registered when the film came out," he said.

"Right at the end [of the filming], we shot the actual actors in some of the scenes to tie what we'd done together and Daniel Craig came out and introduced himself to me, and thanked me for playing the role for him.

"He was really polite. He said he was a fan and really loved my jumps and the stuff that I do, so that was cool to hear."

Riding on a growing wave of success in recent years, the international Red Bull star will release a yet-to-be-named film early in 2013, which he shot with sponsor DC Shoes over the past two years.

Maddison will also find time to fit in a much-needed shoulder reconstruction, after tearing both front and back ligaments off the bone (a rare feat, he said).

Until then he, wife Amy and son Kruz, are looking forward to returning to Australia for Christmas.

Robbie Maddison.

Robbie Maddison.

Robbie Maddison in action.

Robbie Maddison in action.


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