How to keep your cool this summer

The sun is out, the hats are on, but it's also the season when make-up slides off and we're all a flushed, puffy mess.

Luckily, the beauty counter has come to the rescue with products that can refresh as effectively as a splash of ice-cold water on a scorching day.


Avoid rich, heavily scented products as you're cooling down in the shower. The overall sensation should be icy and revitalising rather than steamy and relaxing.

Seek out beauty products labelled "refreshing" or "cooling" that not only calm your skin but help revitalise you. Pop them in the fridge before application.

"An ingredient like verbena essential oil has a unique ability to both de-stress, calm and energise the spirits," says Emma Thomson, L'Occitane head of training.

"Combine that with lime and mint and you get an incredible cooling effect and a burst of summer freshness."


You don't have to switch from perfume to super-powered anti-perspirants just because it's hot.

Scent carries beautifully in the heat - just think generous spritzes of lighter fragrances rather than a potent pump of heady, strong perfume. Create a stronger essence by layering moisturiser, body spray and fragrance in the same scent.

Lorna McKay, a fragrance expert, says: "I recommend wearing fragrance in hot weather - it's uplifting and energising."


Nobody wants to be pouring with sweat at work - unprofessional not to mention cringeworthy.

Perspiring can play havoc with your make-up regime but you can still look perfectly preened in the heat. Try toning down flushed skin with an anti-redness primer and consider changing your foundation with the seasons.

"During this time of year, I recommend bases that contain silicone for longer lasting wearability," says Moiya Saint, a make-up artist.


They're light as a feather but can be your saving grace if you suffer from excess shine or a sweaty face after running for the bus.

Blotting papers will be your best friend during the summer months.

"To matte down your skin - without creating a cakey effect - blot your skin with non-powdered blotting papers," advises Australian Rae Morris, make-up artist and author of Express Makeup.


Sun, planes and aircon are all guilty of zapping your skin, so keep it hydrated.

Facial mist will tone, refresh and cool you down in seconds on the sunlounger.

They're especially effective in calming down stressed sensitive skin in oppressive heat. AAP


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