TV photo nabs 'stupid' feet-first freeway driver

A man photographed driving down a Melbourne freeway with his feet hanging out the window has made contact with police after the picture featured on television news and newspapers online.

The feet-first freeway driver.

The feet-first freeway driver.

The police had said they knew who the driver was and encouraged him to call them before they took action themselves.

The man made the call yesterday evening after his bare feet hanging out the driver's window had featured on TV.

A fellow road user had photographed the man, who had three other people in his black Volkswagen as it reached speeds up to 100 km/h on the Eastern Freeway about 7am on Christmas Eve.

Police said the man's actions amounted to a criminal offence of conduct endangering life.

"This stupidity just astounds us ... it's just appalling behaviour," Inspector Bernie Rankin said. AAP