Man terrorised Macca’s patrons: police

McDonald's Fairy Meadow
McDonald's Fairy Meadow

Big Macs and fries were served with a side of abuse on Thursday night when a man terrorised Fairy Meadow McDonald’s, screaming at staff, diners and police, Wollongong Local Court has heard.

Bradley Flood, 36, is accused of hurling abuse at restaurant staff and patrons, before he spat at a police officer and had to be doused with capsicum spray to be subdued.

Police claim the Fairy Meadow father was heavily intoxicated when he and a female co-accused, who cannot be named, arrived at the fast food chain about 9pm.

The woman decided to lie down in the car park, blocking traffic and forcing staff to ask her to move, police said.

When the pair eventually entered the store, Flood allegedly started yelling at staff and customers, screaming: ‘‘You f---ing dog c---s, I’ll kill you.’’

Police arrived and ordered the pair to leave but Flood allegedly refused and swore at the officers.

He was warned about his language and again directed to move on but instead, he and the co-accused allegedly went outside and continued eating.

When police again approached him, Flood screamed: "I'm not f---ing going anywhere ... I'll remember your faces and I will f---ing kill you," the court was told.

The co-accused also allegedly continued to swear but was quickly arrested and bundled into a police car.

Police claim Flood became more aggressive, threatening to kill the officers and thrashing his arms around as they tried to arrest him.

Police wrestled him to the ground and doused him in capsicum spray after he allegedly spat at one of the officers.

Flood continued making threats, screaming: "I have hurt police before and I will do it again ... I don't forget a face ... when I see you in the street, I will slit your throats ...", the court heard.

He was charged with offensive language, refusing to comply with directions, assaulting, intimidating and resisting police and damaging property.

Solicitor Angela Melouney told the court her client planned to contest the allegations but could provide a surety and report to police.

Registrar Tina McKenna granted bail but banned Flood from entering Fairy Meadow McDonald's.