Fish tank smashed during rampage: court

A Coniston man went on a New Year rampage early yesterday smashing windows and a door in a Windang unit and using a baseball bat to damage a car, a court has heard.

David Miller appeared in Wollongong Bail Court yesterday charged with several offences, including destroying or damaging property and breaking, entering and stealing.

Police said that at 12.05am yesterday, Miller and a female co-accused went to retrieve a guitar from a unit in Windang Road, Windang, where the co-accused's ex-lover lived.

When there was no answer at the door, police said the accused kicked it in. Once inside it is alleged Miller ransacked three bedrooms and the lounge room.

Police said "the accused has pulled a shelf down in the lounge room causing a large fish tank containing water and yabbies to spill over the floor".

The court was told Miller "smashed windows in almost every room of the house" with a silver baseball bat.

He then smashed the front and rear windscreen of a Toyota Corolla and kicked in several panels.

After returning inside, Miller allegedly stole a whipper snipper and fishing rod.

The court was told several witnesses saw Miller and the co-accused leave the house and called police.

Police later arrested Miller walking along Windang Road.

Opposing bail, police prosecutor Sean Thackeray said Miller was charged with "very, very serious offences" and expressed concerns for the safety of both the victim and the community.

Defence solicitor John Gallagher said Miller was in full-time employment and proposed releasing him under strict bail conditions.

Refusing bail, registrar Nicole Hoffmann said "what concerns me is the serious nature of these offences and the protection of the alleged victim and the community".

Miller is due to appear in court again on January 7.