Personal trainers ready for annual onslaught

The Christmas and New Year fun and feasting has passed in a blur of booze and ham, and now many are resolving to tackle the flabby side effects.

James Wesley. Picture: DAVE TEASE

James Wesley. Picture: DAVE TEASE

Gyms and personal trainers across the region are preparing for the annual onslaught of new clients eager for help to budge the bulge gained over the festive season.

Keeping that early drive to succeed can be tough and many do fall off the wagon within weeks, but there are ways to keep the fire raging, Kickstart Fitness owner Peter Gollop says.

"Everybody's got the motivation in the first week or two when they want to get into it," he said. "Then - when they realise it hurts - suddenly, motivation isn't there any more."

But having someone to work out with - either a friend or a personal trainer - can be just the thing to stay driven.

Mr Gollop said another pitfall for those trying to get active was having vague targets.

"New Year's resolutions are all about goals, but one of the problems about goal setting is that people will set goals that aren't measurable," he said.

"If you set a goal to lose weight, how do you know when you've reached your goal?"

By setting realistic and measurable targets, such as dropping 5 per cent body fat, or two dress sizes, success could feel more achievable, Mr Gollop said.

"When you reach your goals, have a reward - whether you're going to buy that pair of shoes you've had your eye on, or you're not going to touch alcohol until you've reached your first goal.

"If your reward is to go and pig out for six weeks, that's probably not the goal you're after."

Mr Gollop recommended getting back into a normal eating routine quickly after the festive season, and not prolong gluttonous bad habits. He also urged people to ask gyms and personal trainers for a trial to see if they were a good fit.

Tips for staying motivated

Work out with a friend or personal trainer.

Get back into a normal eating routine quickly.

Don’t starve yourself.

Reward yourself for reaching your goals.


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