Woman's bizarre kidnap ordeal: court

A Towradgi man held his partner in her bedroom for two days, only providing food and water if she "behaved", as he waved a crucifix over her body and mumbled religious words, a court has heard.

Rodney Sean Phillips, 38, is accused of telling his girlfriend he was going to "dry her out" and would reward her with cigarettes and drinks if she complied but warned her not to try to escape.

The terrified woman was held in the room for hours last week, and could go to the toilet only if Phillips supervised her, Wollongong Local Court heard yesterday.

Fearing she would be seriously harmed, the woman allegedly took extreme action, striking herself in the head, in the hope Phillips would release her for medical treatment.

He was allegedly unfazed by her injuries and continued to run a silver crucifix across her body, mumbling religious phrases.

The bizarre incident allegedly started on January 10 when Phillips started rambling to the woman.

The next morning, the woman woke to find Phillips singing religious songs and praying to a picture of Jesus, the court heard.

Police claim he then told the woman he was going to spend the next three days "drying her out" and closed the bedroom door.

The woman tried to escape, wrestling with him, but Phillips allegedly ordered her to remove her clothes, warning her not to escape.

Phillips allegedly told her she would be released in three days but if she failed to follow his orders, it could be several weeks.

The next morning, Phillips went to the shops and the woman managed to escape, running to a neighbour who alerted police.

Phillips was arrested and charged with taking and detaining a person to obtain an advantage and breaching bail.

Police prosecutor Robert Casey yesterday opposed Phillips' bail application, noting it was a serious set of allegations, which were said to have occurred over several days.

Defence solicitor Justine Hall said Phillips had a long history of mental health issues and had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

She said he had recently stayed in Shellharbour Hospital's mental health unit but could not recall the visit.

Ms Hall said Phillips wished to return to the care of his psychologist and was extremely concerned as he had not received any medication in custody.

The court was told Phillips could live in a men's shelter, report daily to police and comply with a curfew.

Magistrate Michael Stoddart refused bail and adjourned the matter to February 27.