Abusive drunk lashes out at woman in car

A simple drive along the Princes Highway turned violent for a woman and her teenage daughter when a drunk started kicking and kneeing their car, Wollongong Local Court has heard.

Farmborough Heights man Scott Aggio banged his hands on the roof of the woman's car and yelled: "What's your f---ing problem, lady?" when she beeped her horn at a cab in front of her.

The 26-year-old then tried to pry open the front passenger door, screaming: "Open the door, I want to rip your f---ing head off" to the woman's 18-year-old daughter who was in the passenger seat.

When she refused, he started kneeing and kicking the car.

Sentencing Aggio yesterday, Magistrate Doug Dick ordered the man to complete community service, spend a night in the cells and fined him $1500 for his antics.

Aggio, who pleaded guilty to the incident, was wandering through Unanderra with a mate about 10.30pm on November 18 last year after they were kicked out of a nearby leagues club.

The pair were walking along Central Avenue when Aggio decided to kick over several rubbish bins, the court was told.

An anonymous citizen reported the incident and police immediately started searching for the men.

Meantime, Aggio's mate called for a taxi to take the pair home.

The cab arrived, pulling up a short time later at the intersection of Central Avenue and the Princes Highway.

The woman waited behind the cab but, noticing the light had turned green, tooted her horn as the taxi wasn't moving.

Aggio quickly ran over to the woman's car, stood near the front passenger door and started banging on the roof.

He continued to kick and knee the car until his friend pulled him away from the vehicle, the court heard.

The vehicle's doors and roof were dented in the incident.