Live: Anthony Mundine v Daniel Geale

Mundine v Geale - Live Blog
Mundine v Geale - Live Blog
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Anthony Mundine and  Daniel Geale at the weigh in on Tuesday.

Anthony Mundine and Daniel Geale at the weigh in on Tuesday.

Live: Anthony Mundine v Daniel Geale

Join Chris 'Blocka' Dutton from 7pm for coverage of the Anthony Mundine and Daniel Geale bout.

We will have coverage of the undercard featuring Lauryn Eagle and Kimbo Slice.

The main bout is scheduled to start at 10pm.



His career: At 37 years of age, a loss to Geale would all but end Mundine’s 48-fight career  —  at least on the world stage.
His legacy: Should Mundine win, it will put  him back on course for a tilt at some of boxing’s biggest names, headed by Floyd Mayweather.
To silence the critics: Mundine knows that there are those who would like nothing better than to see his career end,  and he is determined not to give them the satisfaction.
A fourth world title: After taking Geale’s IBO middleweight world title in 2009, Mundine now wants to snatch the IBF version from him to add to the two WBA super middleweight belts he won against Antwun Echols in 2003 and Sam Soliman in 2007.
Respect: After being criticised for taking easy fights in recent years, Mundine believes a win over Geale will force people to acknowledge him as one of Australia’s greatest sportsmen ever,  given what he achieved he in rugby league before taking up boxing.


Revenge: The only loss in Geale’s 29-fight  career was to Mundine in 2009,  so he wants to avenge that defeat.
Recognition: Despite beating Germany’s IBF middleweight world champion Sebastian Sylvester and WBA title holder Felix Sturm on their home turf, Geale was largely unknown to most Australians until the fight with Mundine was announced.
To silence Mundine: After repeatedly being on the end of Mundine’s trash- taking antics at press conferences and events to promote the fight, Geale would like little more than to be the man who ended The Man’s career.
Reputation: Should Geale lose, he will risk becoming another name on the long list of Australian boxers to have been given an opportunity by Mundine and failed.
Big fights: As the IBF middleweight world champion, Geale will again look to unify the belt against either WBA and IBO title holder Genady Golovkin or the division’s top-ranked boxer and WBC No.1 Sergio Martinez.

Welcome to the big fight night! Who's got this one - Mundine or Geale? Plenty of feeling in it, that's for sure. Just waiting for the coverage to start, going through an hour of pre-fight night previews. Then we're on. Let's get some early predictions going..

My housemate just declared her result - "Mundine's got this easy". This fight will divide houses everywhere. It's like the evening choice between The Simpsons or the news.

Plenty of interest, Foxtel just showing a message saying they're experiencing high traffic of punters calling up to get Mundine v Geale switched on. We spent 30 minutes trying to get it sorted.

Daniel Geale is the only Australian boxer to travel to Germany twice and return with belts he won from world champions, but he has never been in a situation like the one he will face against Anthony Mundine on Wednesday night at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Still waiting to see some action live, going through the pre-fight show. But our men ringside, Michael Carayannis and Brad Walter, report Lauryn Eagle v Nadine Brown is underway. Carayannis: Brown controlling tempo. Eagle is cramping.

Drama early in Eagle v Brown - Brown's hair caught in her strap and if Eagle didn't help her top would have fallen off.

No word on whether Cronulla Sharks star Todd Carney is in the crowd. But I'm tipping he's not far away, maybe getting a few tips ahead of the NRL season.

Bra-gate is over, the ref helped untangle the hair and the strap. They're back fighting in round four. Still about 15 minutes away from television coverage beginning.

Experts say smart money is on Geale, but Mundine very hard to go against. Even they can't split them.

News just in from the Eagle-Brown bout. Golden girl Eagle wins comfortably on points. Walter says: "A popular decision but I thought it was a lot closer - not that I profess to be an expert."

The Premier Barry O'Farrell spotted ringside. He strikes me as a Danny Geale man, but I've been wrong before.

Danny Geale and his entourage arrives. Strangely, the first one to greet him was Tony Mundine. They shook hands and everything was pleasant. Geale now relaxing, sharing a few laughs with his team.

If you missed bra-gate from the Brown-Eagle fight, here's Brad's tweet:

Biz are, Nadine Brown got hair caught in bra strap, ref had to undo it & Lauryn Eagle helped to stop top falling off… — Brad Walter (@BradWalterSMH) January 30, 2013

We're about to get underway in the second fight of the night. We've got Zac Awad taking on Jamie Pittman in the super middleweight.

Eagle took out the first fight of the night in her clash with Nadine Brown.

Housemate very concerned for Jamie Pittman in this fight. His entourage was nothing compared to Awad's. She said: "He looks lonely."

Awad goes down in the second round, but it was more of a slip than anything. He's back up and they're standing toe-to-toe. I'm sure a knockout early in the night would fire the crowd up. Numbers building ringside.

Starting to wonder if my housemate Chloe is keen to take up boxing. She was just shadow boxing against the television, shouting: "This Awad's got nothing." Pretty even at the moment, Awad getting instructions to avoid getting hit. Good idea.

Mundine now in the house as well. While Geale got out of the back seat, Mundine looks like he drove himself. Looks relaxed, no big noting. Just focused.

In the other fight, we've had Awad warned for a couple of low blows. Now we're in round four.

Awad has a bit of work to do in this bout. His got some blood flowing from the nose, Pittman has what looks like a small cut over his right eye. But looks much more comfortable out there. He won't be so lonely if he wins.

Pittman's been split open again but he's the one landing all the punches. Now we've got some blood flowing and the boys are going for the kill.

Looks like the lonely Pittman's got this one in the bag barring a knockout. Not long left in round seven, he's the one landing all his punches.

That's the end of Zac Awad v Jamie Pittman. Each have a couple of cuts, but we're thinking Pittman's got this one in the bag. All of a sudden his entourage has increased though. Mr Business Pittman takes the win by unanimous points decision.

A couple of Sydney Roosters in the crowd, Shaun Kenny-Dowall spotted close to the ring.

Could be some house drama soon. Forrest Gump is on one of the channels tonight. Of all the things Forrest did, he never stepped in the ring. But I do remember him getting a few solid punches on a couple of Jenny's boyfriends.

In between fights, I'll update you with some cricket news. Warney has used his website to go on another rant while David Warner has a fracture in his left thumb. Usman Khawaja called into the ODI squad.

Next fight is Ivan Hernandez v Joel Brunker in an international fight.

The internet is back and running ringside. Michael Carayannis just sent in an update from the Lauryn Eagle v Nadine Brown bout:

Eagle won an unanimous eight round bout, 80-72, 78-74, 78-4 against a willing Brown, with her boxing crown adding to her multiple national waterski titles.

“I was a little bit nervous coming in,” Eagle said.

“I knew she would put pressure on me but I just had to stay on the front foot.”

Billy Dib has arrived at the Entertainment Centre. A good tough battle between Hernandez and Brunker.

The stars are building up ringside.. Dib, Carney, Gallen, Ferguson.

Whose who already in the crowd... Plenty of NRL players Blake Ferguson, Todd Carney, Paul Gallen.... Ex-cricketer Stuart Clark — Michael Carayannis (@MCarayannis) January 30, 2013

I've had a couple of requests for housemate Chloe to give live scores after each round. She's warming up with the undercard and will be ready to go with the big one.

Matt Shirvington, Matt Cooper in the crowd. Looks like the seats are filling up/full already.

Carayannis and I are on the same wavelength:

Crowd building. About 75 per cent full… — Michael Carayannis (@MCarayannis) January 30, 2013

Can't split Hernandez and Brunker at this stage. Both landing solid blows, but neither giving an inch.

Greg Inglis, Sam Burgess and George Rose in the crowd (or so I'm told). I know Paul Gallen jumped in the ring recently and Quade Cooper's about to - which footy players do you want to see go at it? Sandor Earl wants next crack at Quade..

Gee this fight's gone quickly, we're into round seven already. Brunker working the body, trying to punish Hernandez. Still waiting for a knockout tonight.

We're all done between Hernandez and Aussie Joel Brunker. I can't split this one - no blood. Actually, I lied, Aussie Joel has a cut on his right eye. Good stoush on the ropes to finish off. Chloe says Hernandez has got this one. But for the first time tonight, she's wrong. Aussie Joel Brunker gets up.

Billy Dib says he's ready for his next fight in the United States. His tip ... Mundine or Danny Geal. "I've got a sore backside from sitting on the fence. It's a 50-50 fight." He's backing Mundine

Danny Geale's pre-fight interview: "very relaxed. My fitness is really high. I set things up and I'll be working hard. It will be one to watch. I can't be worried about too much of that stuff while I'm in the ring, more important things to worry about like not getting hit. But it is a bit of extra fuel. I don't see how he can go the distance with me."

Hernandez v Brunker

Brunker wins unanimous decision. Scores -72-80, 73-79, 75-78. Hernandez not impressed. — Brad Walter (@BradWalterSMH) January 30, 2013

Up next we've got the undefeated David Aloua taking on Daniel Ammann. We've got an Australian title up for grabs, the Australian cruiserweight. We're underway in round one. Ammann holds the belt.

Speaking of Quade Cooper, he's sitting in the crowd with SBW. They've got their fight coming up on February 8. Will be interesting to see how Cooper goes out there.

Ammann unloads a flurry of punches to the body and head, showing why he's the champ. This blokes are going mighty hard mighty early. Will we see our first knockout??

The big fellas look like they're tiring a little bit. They've thrown some big ones to get this started. Wonder if they'll both be able to last the distance. But with the Australian cruiserweight title up for grabs, they should be ready to kick on.

End of round four between Ammann and Aloua. I've got Ammann in front by a lot at this stage (remember, I'm no expert). But he's been dominant, throwing some good combinations.

Boy oh boy, Ammann's been knocked about in this round! He's got some blood coming from the nose, had the wobbly boots on for a little bit but he's trying to get to the end of round five.

That's the end of the seventh round in Aloua v Ammann. Ammann got hit in the back of the head just before the break. Both big boys knackered, should be a good finish.

Let's chalk round eight up to a "let's take a break" round. Neither boxer throwing any significant blows. Decided to cuddle a bit and suck in some air. Expect Aloua to come out fired up, he needs a knockout.

We're into the final round, some big hits from Ammann early. Aloua - previously undefeated - needs something big to get out of this one.

All over in the cruiserweight battle. I think we can safely say Daniel Ammann has retained his belt over David Aloua. Will be a comfortable points decision, but was good to see some big blows landed. Neither boxer took a backward step.

All official and all done - Daniel Ammann still the Australian cruiserweight champion. Unanimous decision again, Aloua suffers his first loss.

We're getting closer to the big one. But before we get there, we've got the man mountain Kimbo Slice up soon.

From Shirvo:

Wonder if @anthony_mundine or@realdealgeale watched this vid in prep for tonight. INSANE: The kid stings like a bee!… — Matt Shirvington (@mattshirvington) January 30, 2013

Big Kimbo Slice looks like a scary man. But what do you reckon he'd be like if he took off that bandana? Google some pics on him, he looks completely different when it's off. Still wouldn't want to run into him in the street.

It's Kimbo Slice v Shane Tilyard (the Aussie). Kimbo is 38 years old and 105.8kg. Tilyard is 115kg. This one will be over quickly, four rounds of three minutes each. Anyone reckon we can get a knockout?

Big Kimbo looks pumped! He is one scary man! His Twitter account says: "Street, ring or cage". He'll take you down anywhere. Wonder whether he's got the gold grills in tonight.

This is the man - Kimbo Slice:

At the weigh inns.232 — Kimbo Slice (@KimboSlice) January 29, 2013

All of Shane Tilyard's six wins have been knockouts.

Kimbo Slice prancing on the other side of the ring. Five of Kimbo's wins have been knockouts. He's undefeated in boxing.

A bit of trivia.. what's Kimbo Slice's real name?

Wow wow wow!!!! Tilyard was on the ropes but he came back firing and Kimbo Slice went to the ground. He was rocked, almost gone within the first minute! Massive blows!!

This definitely upped the tempo. Massive punches being thrown, I'd be snoozing if one just went by my nose. Tilyard had some wobbly legs, but that's the end of round one. Get some air big boys, let's go for a round-two knockout.

Tilyard tagged Kimbo with a massive left hook in that first round. Now we're back and Kimbo just tackles Tilyard into the ropes! best fight of the night so far. Some big roundhouse fists flying everywhere. They're knackered already and it's been four minutes!

Tilyard takes a blow to the ribs, he can't get up!! they're saying it's a cracked rib, but Tilyard's gone and Kevin Ferguson Kimbo Slice gets another win by TKO. What a ripper. Tilyard still struggling to get to his feet, he's in a lot of pain.

Tilyard's ribs were exposed and Kimbo didn't miss. He went straight down. I felt that one all the way down in Canberra.

That's the perfect warm up fight for Mundine v Geale - crowd now jumping out of their skin.

You mess with Kimbo, you lose. That's simple. "I didn't know Aussies were so tough," Kimbo said. "That's my style of fighting, I can take a little and I can give a lot. I know I've got a good chin ... I had a good time while I was here."

To the main event, we've got Danny Geale at $1.40 and Mundine at $2.85.

Nader tipping Mundine:

Just spoke with former Australian champ and world champion challenger @nader_hamdan he is tipping Mundine by KO — Michael Carayannis (@MCarayannis) January 30, 2013

We're not far away from the big one. The experts are still split. This is going to be a cracker. Anyone have any memories from the last Mundine v Geale clash. It was a good one too, now we get another crack. strap yourself in. Let's see what happens with the national anthem first.

Anthem-gate avoided. Tori Darke sings alone in the ring and we're a few minutes away from both boxers in the ring. Danny Geale warming up in the tunnel. This is his chance at redemption.

I feel like Homer Simpson tonight. Remember that episode when he hosted a boxing party on illegal cable. Well, it's not illegal tonight and it's not Springfield's finest, but it's a good atmosphere.

Anthony The Man Mundine slowly making his way to the ring. Traditional Aboriginal dance and didgeridoo accompanying him. He's the challenger tonight. He's 37 years old, outspoken, controversial, much loved, much hated .. you could call him everything. But you'd be silly to write him off.

Quick poll around the living room, we've got three for Mundine, one for Geale and one for SBW. We made the bloke who voted for SBW leave.

A mixed reception for Mundine. Plenty of cheers and jeers. It's on!

The Real Deal Geale out now as well. He's the favourite tonight with the experts and the bookies. I reckon the crowd might be split 50-50. I know plenty reading the blog are anti-Mundine, but The Man has got plenty of supporters as well.

Mundine - 48 fights, 44 wins, 4 losses. Introduced as "one of Australia's greatest athletes".

Danny Geale the defending world champion tonight. Geale - 29 fights, 28 wins, 1 loss, 15 KOs

Ref: "Both of you are world-class professionals and I expect you to conduct yourselves in that way"

Before we start, Chloe is almost asleep but tipping Mundine for the win tonight. What's everyone tipping as we get underway?

The ACT Brumbies getting in on the action on their trip to Darwin

Good crowd at Shenanigans getting their buzz on before the Geale Mundine fight.… — Laurie Fisher (@LordLaurie58) January 30, 2013

Feeling each other out early, no one willing to do anything too crazy. Geale gets a good shot away, Mundine strikes back. We're all even baby!

That's round one done, the house has awarded it to Geale. "Mundine was attacking, but Geale landed better blows". The  IBF Middleweight Title is on the line here.

Geale goes on the attack early in round two, but Mundine coming back with his own. Real Deal goes for the body and The Man's stuck on the ropes. Geale definitely the aggressor at the moment.

Geale is really bouncing around here. Mundine looks like he's got a bit of cement in the shoes, hasn't quite got going yet. We're giving that one to Geale too. But Mundine's proving tough to tag. Geale chatting to his trainer in the break, seems relaxed. Sticking to his plan.

Boos coming from the crowd, Geale touches his head and there was some type of clash. But they're going on with it. Geale is firing out of the blocks but he still can't get a clean shot on.

And just as a posted that last one, Geale lands a couple of sweet ones and then Mundine gets warned for using his head while they're in close together. Now The Man sees an opening. He's going for it now, knows he's a little bit behind.

That's the end of round three. Geale had that round easily, but then The Man saw an opening and it was much closer than the first couple. Replays of Mundine using his head to create a bit of space.

Wallabies flanker David Pocock has his say on Mundine. He's watching with his Brumbies teammates in Darwin

Brilliantly talented yes, but "I'm the best athlete ever, man. Ever." Dreaming.... Even if he somehow wins this.. — David Pocock (@pocockdavid) January 30, 2013

Settling into a groove here in round four, both boxers getting chances to land blows. Danny Geale just looks a bit faster than Mundine, he's still bouncing around the ring. Another close round, verdict from the loungeroom is "treading water" and catching breath.

I remember speaking to Danny Geale in 2007 or early 2008 and he was waiting for his shot at Mundine then. This is his chance to end all the talk from his critics, and maybe Mundine's career.

Geale looks like he's toying with Mundine. Doing the things Mundine used to do when he was the fastest man in the ring. There's no sting in Mundine's punches, they're jabs. Geale still moving around well.

Ref warning Mundine again for use of the head when in close. "Last warning". Geale gets some good ones away, Mundine throws an upper cut and now we've settled into a good rhythm.

There's plenty of bad blood between these two. I'm sure everyone remembers Mundine's Tasmania comments, and also the ones about Geale's family. That's why most are backing the Real Deal Geale to take this one. We're at the end of round five.

Would love to see a bit of power from Mundine. I'm just wondering whether his 37-year-old arms have got it still. He can still move and his talented, but he needs to lift the intensity against Geale. Geale just seems to be doing things at his own pace.

Another warning for Mundine, this time for using the elbow to get space between he and Geale. Ref doesn't look happy. Feale working the ribs over. This is a good, hard fight.

Seven rounds done and dusted. The boys get in a bit of a tangle when the bell goes, Geale's got a certain strut about him tonight. At the end of every round, he turns to the crowd, shrugs and then shakes his arms.

The commentators reckon he's had "10 bottles of Red Bull". Not a bad description.

Geale firing up at the end of round eight, he's definitely confident he's got this one. If Mundine wants to take it out, he's got to go for the knockout. His punches aren't worrying Geale at all. It's like a training run for the Rea Deal. He's in complete control.

Mundine looks to the crowd and claims round nine, but a relaxed Geale is still in charge of this bout. Are we seeing the end of Mundine? Or will he keep going? This is what Danny Geale has craved for a very, very long time. "Show him how the champ does it," Geale's camp says before the start of round 10.

Energy starting to disappear, but Geale still finds something to zip around. Mundine just can't catch him for long enough. A good right hand from Mundine, but this round goes down as pretty even as well. The sweat goes flying when Geale lands one of his own.

We're getting into the final stages here, less than two rounds left. Mundine needs a knockout. Simple as that. If he doesn't, Geale will get his revenge and keep the title.

Mundine's going for it, but it's leaving him open for an attack and the Real Deal rarely misses. Geale goes down! But don't fret, he only slipped on the canvas.

And we've got one round left. Three minutes of onslaught from Mundine coming up. What does Geale do? Does he go out attacking as well? Or does he just get through unscathed. If he makes it to the end of the round, the result is his for sure.

Ok, I know there are a lot of Mundine haters out there, but you've got to give him respect for hanging in there right to the end. Geale's been in control, but Mundine's found a way to stay in the contest.

Ding Ding Ding, that's the end of the bout. Both boxers claim it, but this one has to go to Danny Geale. What a fight.

Mundine jumped up on the ropes and raised his arms, he's arguing with people in the front row, but surely he knows he didn't get this one. The Boos are coming in thick and fast now.

I don't think we're going to see another points controversy tonight, Geale's got it in the bag surely!

Mundine to the camera: "If I lose, you know what happened - they robbed me." Not sure what fight he was watching.

Officials taking a long, long time to get this decision done. Who knows what they're waiting for, but this will be interesting.

Still waiting for the final decision. This is a long time to wake. Some suggesting Mundine not celebrating a win, but the fact her survived.

Here we go...

Daniel Geale v Anthony Mundine

12 rounds - unanimous decision. 116-112, 117-111, 117-111


Mundine has already left the win, Geale is there with his belt and lapping it up. Massive boos for Mundine.

Geale: "It was tough, it was exactly what we expected. Anthony came prepared and he gave me a great fight. It was hard there towards the end, but I had to dig deep.

"I wanted to win and I wanted to do it well. I put things to rest. Everyone wanted to see the second fight, I gave it to you guys and I hope you enjoyed it.

"I love walking down the street now, I get so many people coming up to me and wishing me luck. I did enjoying punching [Mundine tonight].

"I knew it was going to be tough, I just had to keep peppering. I hurt him a few times and I'm a little bit disappointed I couldn't go on with it and give the crowd what they wanted [a knockout]."

Good to see Canberra get a mention in the victory speech from Daniel The Real Deal Geale. Great fight.

Daniel Geale has taken revenge on Anthony Mundine and retained his IBF Middleweight title at the Sydney Entertainment Centre tonight.

The Real Deal Geale defeated Mundine on a unanimous points decision in a commanding display in the ring.

Geale was in control for the majority of the 12 rounds and despite Mundine insisting he had won, Geale triumphed in round-two between two of Australia's top boxers.

Earlier in the night, American Kimbo Slice scored a knockout victory over Shane Tilyard while Lauryn Eagle beat Nadine Brown in the first fight of the night.

Thanks for sticking with us on the blog tonight. Check out reports online in the morning from all the wash up from Mundine v Geale take two.

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