Man threatened ex-girlfriend via text: court

A Sydney man sent a slew of disturbing text messages to his ex-girlfriend, threatening to sexually assault her and smash her over the head with a piece of wood, Wollongong Local Court has heard.

Anthony Brookes is accused of repeatedly "sexting" his former girlfriend, telling her it would be good to see her naked, before he threatened to rape her, forcing the terrified woman to flee her home.

Opposing the 29-year-old's bid for bail yesterday, prosecutor Sergeant Sean Thackray said the SMS messages were extreme and there were grave concerns for the woman's protection.

Brookes, of Camperdown, allegedly sent the first inappropriate text to his former girlfriend about 3.45am on July 27 last year, writing: "it would be good to touch you ... oh sh-t, I mean, see you naked ... it would be really good to see you."

The woman replied several hours later, wanting to know who had sent the text, to which Brookes allegedly followed up with another dirty message.

The pair traded texts for a while before the woman told Brookes to leave her alone, the court heard.

The messages then allegedly turned nasty, with Brookes writing: "I will f--- you one way or another. If I have to use force or [rape] you, I will. [I will] get what I want..."

Police claim Brookes sent another eight texts before the woman reported the abuse.

Officers arrived just as the woman allegedly received another text from Brookes.

"You're getting raped bad; you might lock the doors but that won't stop me, I will smash windows to get to you. You won't have time to call the police, I will smash [you] in the head with a piece of wood with rusty nails," it read.

He also allegedly divulged he was "off his face" on crystal meth and felt like "killing people", the court heard.

The terrified woman fled her home and stayed with friends for several days.

Brookes was arrested and charged earlier this year.

He failed to appear in court and was picked up on a warrant on Wednesday.

He allegedly admitted to texting the woman but said he had been high on drugs and could not recall the messages.

He was charged with contravening an AVO, intimidation and failing to appear in court.

Defence solicitor John Gallagher said Brookes could live in Mangerton and would report to police. Magistrate Michael Stoddart refused bail and adjourned the matter to February 19.