VIDEO: Salty Seabathers take the plunge

They have long been a feature of our coastline and now an ocean crawl is honouring the rock pools of the Illawarra.

A group of swimmers dubbed the Salty Seabathers took to the water on the weekend to begin their week-long 2013 expedition.

From Coalcliff to Kiama, they are diving into two pools a day, with the aim to swim at least a kilometre in each.

Former Port Kembla woman Narelle Crux organised the salty adventure as a bit of fun and has been joined by two good friends from Victoria and a number of Wollongong swimmers.

 Ann Paul (left), Narelle Crux and Lucy Healy on their mascot Snappy the Shark.Picture: KIRK GILMOUR

Ann Paul (left), Narelle Crux and Lucy Healy on their mascot Snappy the Shark.Picture: KIRK GILMOUR

"It's our way to honour the fantastic sea baths ... they're well worth preserving," Ms Crux said.

"If we can spur other people on [to swim in the pools] that's a wonderful thing for the area."

The seabathers even have their own expedition song and T-shirts, which Ms Crux said added to the "general silliness" of the adventure.

The group initially planned to swim the rock pools of Sydney but decided against that in favour of Wollongong's "better" pools.

Ms Crux grew up around the ocean and her family's involvement in surf lifesaving meant she spent a lot of time by the beach.

"The old rock pools have long been a feature of the Illawarra coastline," Ms Crux said.

"It's such a part of the way people live and a great part of the landscape.

"They're always packed.

"It's a great way to spend a week in summer."

As part of the expedition, the seabathers are rating each pool according to certain criteria including water temperature, quality and whether or not it has a "knockout" view.

An overall rating will also be given to determine the best pool.

"We have our clipboards ... it's all very serious," Ms Crux said.

The Salty Seabathers expedition began on Saturday morning at Coalcliff rock pool and will end on Friday.


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