Forman faces endless loop over loss

WOLLONGONG Hawks captain Oscar Forman hasn't had much sleep over the past few days.

Forman shoulders much of the blame for last Friday's heartbreaking overtime loss to Adelaide, believing he should have done a better job of stopping 36ers forward Anthony Petrie from nailing a game-tying three-point shot at the end of the fourth quarter.

Petrie's buzzer-beater has been playing on endless loop in Forman's head.

"This one has been harder to swallow. To be honest, I haven't moved on yet," Forman said shortly before yesterday's training session.

"You get home from the game and you don't sleep too well. You're up a lot and you watch the replay over and over. I'm usually good after a loss and can take something out if it and move on pretty quickly but this one ... for the rest of that night, every three or four minutes I was just re-living it over in my head. I'd try to forget about it but I kept thinking, 'If this happened and this happened'. I had to tell myself, 'You can't change the outcome of the game, it's gone'.

"Training today will help that process of putting it behind me, then we'll have a day off and come back on Wednesday and start building towards Saturday's game against Melbourne."

He is probably being too hard on himself but Forman insists he should've been guarding the three-point line tighter and forced Petrie into a more difficult shot.

"I'm bitterly disappointed in my defence at the end of regulation, which would've won us the game," he said.

"We shouldn't have been in that position but when it comes down to it, that's a play I'm expected to stop. It's a simple defensive screw-up I made, which had such a huge effect on the outcome of the game.

"It was late in the fourth and we should've been able to keep that lead. Other factors came into it, but I obviously look at myself to be the one to be stable and not make a silly error that can cost us the game."

The Hawks (10-14, equal-fourth) are walking a semi-finals tightrope over the final four games of the regular season.

They face a massive game on the road this Saturday against third-placed Melbourne (10-12).

"Last time we played Melbourne, we had that game and we lost it but if we build on that game, we can win in Melbourne," Forman said.

"They've beaten us twice at our home and we've beaten them once at their home, so we need to go down there and beat them."

Hawks captain Oscar Forman said Friday's loss to the Adelaide Sixers has been hard to swallow. Picture: GREG TOTMAN

Hawks captain Oscar Forman said Friday's loss to the Adelaide Sixers has been hard to swallow. Picture: GREG TOTMAN


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