Avoid chaos and get into routine

Even from the time we are born, we humans respond to routine.

As babies, we are more calm and content with routine. You only realise how important routine is to optimal function when you are completely out of one. Without routine, we are disorganised, frazzled and often stressed due to the chaos of each and every day and each and every week.

It can be challenging getting into one but the rewards are worth it. By creating structure, we can feel organised and feel a great sense of achievement in completing the planned tasks that we do on those days. Below are some tips on finding the best routine for you.

1. Prioritise. What is the most important thing for you to achieve in a day? Make this a priority and place it at your most productive time.

2. Be realistic. Take into consideration your day-to-day responsibilities and factor these into creating a realistic routine. If you have family and work commitments, take these into consideration when planning each day or each week.

3. Include exercise - every day. Make this a must and plan it into your everyday routine. Work with the time of day that works for you best. Getting this done is a great achievement in itself.

4. Include food. We all need to eat and, if you can make this a part of your plan, it is more likely you will eat better and be healthier. Plan for the week to save multiple trips to the shop and consider all meals and snacks. Be prepared every day.

5. Talk about it. Discuss your plan with the people that it will impact on - your partner, friends, family, work colleagues.

6. Do what works for you. Trial and test and, if you find no matter how hard you try, the particular routine is not working for you, then simply change it.

Angela Saville is director of Savvy Fitness & Anytime Fitness. Check out www.savvyfitness.com.au


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