BLOG: Old people know things

Welcome to the first of what is to be a regular blog in this section. Perhaps I should start by telling you a little about who this “Old Bloke” is – beyond the description you’ll find at the bottom of this.

Down there it says that I am, “Old enough to be called a senior citizen, but young enough to play rock ‘n’ roll.”

 That’s a good description, I like that, but to get a little more specific, you could say that I’m a sort of cross between Jeremy Clarkson and David Attenborough. One often seeming to be the epitome of a highly opinionated grumpy old man and the other being a softly spoken elder gentleman. I’m somewhere between those two extremes, although I’d hasten to add that I am closer in age to Clarkson.

I’m also closer to Clarkson in interests. Like Jeremy, I am fanatically interested in all things motoring, but not so much in wildlife. Beyond dogs, cats and perhaps goldfish, I think that all animals really do live in a zoo. Animals in the wild? I reckon the zoo put ‘em there so that blokes like Attenborough can come along and make TV docos about them. So don’t expect blogs about wildlife. You can expect some about motoring though.

There are a great number of subjects about which I know very little, but these blogs will still cover a wide range of topics. That’s because I’m an old bloke and old people know things.

We know things because we remember things. Oh sure, we forget where we put the car keys, but we remember when the world was different. We remember when there wasn’t an internet. We remember when nobody had personal computers. We even remember what life was like before mobile phones. And coming from this different world gives us a different perspective on the world around us today.

Those of you of a similar age to me will readily know what I’m talking about. Those of more tender years can read and discover this different perspective we have and perhaps why we have it. Mostly though, I hope that people of all ages will find some interest and enjoyment in my digital literary musings!

Elwyn Jordan is a musician and full-time music teacher. He describes himself as being old enough to be called a senior citizen but young enough to play rock ‘n’ roll. Besides music, his interests include technology and motoring. He runs a motorcycling web-site called The Old Bloke.


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