Balgownie dad 'appalled' at teen party flash

A Balgownie man threatened to kill a teenager who wouldn't leave his stepdaughter's party and later exposed himself to a group of teens, a court has heard.

Mathew Long, 42, faced Wollongong Local Court yesterday on four charges stemming from the incident last December, admitting that his behaviour at the time was "appalling".

The court heard only 11 people had been invited to the party. However, when details of it were shared on Facebook by an unknown person, more than 100 people turned up.

About 9.30pm, an unimpressed Long told the gatecrashers to leave, however he was challenged by one of the attendees in the backyard of the Russell Street property.

Police documents tendered to the court said Long became aggressive during the conversation with the boy, telling him to "stop being a smart arse".

"I have been to jail for 14 years [previously], I will stab you," Long told the frightened teen, who then left the backyard and headed out to the front of the property.

Long followed the boy and produced a long, silver knife before again threatening to kill him.

A group of partygoers approached the pair, prompting Long to drop the weapon and go inside the house.

However, he returned to the group moments later, this time armed with a coffee mug, telling the teen "let's go".

The boy told Long to drop the mug, which he did, before again challenging the teen, saying, "I've still got my fists, I will fight you with my fists".

An intoxicated Long then pulled his pants down, exposing his genitals to the group.

When police arrived at the party a short time later, Long said to them "get these f---ers out of here", referring to the gatecrashers.

Officers said Long was slurring his words and there was a strong smell of liquor on his breath.

When he was questioned in relation to the allegations the following day, he denied exposing himself or threatening the boy.

However, facing court yesterday, Long pleaded guilty to a host of charges including intimidation, obscene exposure and carrying a knife in a public place.

His lawyer, Jessica Glancey, described the party as "out of control" and the crowd Long had been faced with as "antagonistic".

She said Long's partner and son had locked themselves in a room in the house out of fear for their safety.

However, she said her client admitted he didn't handle the situation well.

Magistrate Susan McGowan ordered Long to enter into two 18-month good behaviour bonds.

She also ordered him to pay almost $1000 in compensation to one partygoer whose car he kicked and damaged during the evening.