Windang man admits to drunken servo rampage

A Windang man has admitted he barely remembers trashing merchandise displays during an alcohol-fuelled incident at a Bargo service station last month.

Adam Head escaped a prison sentence when he faced Wollongong Local Court yesterday on two charges stemming from the August 23 incident.

A highly intoxicated Head arrived at the BP petrol station on Remembrance Drive about 8.30pm in a car containing three other people.

His co-accused and a female entered the store, where the woman asked the attendant for some ice to put on her injured wrist.

Police documents tendered to the court said Head entered the store and, appearing agitated, began to yell and swear.

He picked up a box containing tools and threw them on the floor, before kicking a cabinet containing mobile phone merchandise.

He then walked outside and kicked the fuel pumps, before re-entering the store, where he jumped onto the service counter.

Head picked up a display rack filled with chewing gum and threw it at the service station attendant, hitting him in the face.

He then ran from the store and jumped in the car as it drove off.

CCTV cameras captured the rampage in full.

It is alleged the video also captured Head's co-accused stealing multiple items of confectionery from the store during the incident.

Later that evening police received a call from the female's mother, dobbing the group in.

Head immediately admitted to his involvement when officers arrived at the woman's Balgownie home, saying, "You're looking for me, I did it."

Facing court yesterday, Head said he was extremely remorseful for his actions and relieved he had been caught.

His lawyer, Danny Lagapodis, said Head's actions were out of character and fuelled by too much alcohol.

Magistrate Michael Stoddart acknowledged that the service station attendant had not been injured in the incident, but said it still didn't excuse Head's behaviour.

"No-one deserves to be treated like this, someone just going about their job," he said.

"Your conduct that evening was nothing other than disgraceful."

Magistrate Stoddart placed Head on a two-year good behaviour bond and fined him $500 over the incident.

He also ordered him to pay $600 in compensation to the service station.