VIDEO: Smell of methanol tops off monster jam night

As the monster truck finishes its roar and driver Troy Garcia jumps down from the cabin, the fanatics suck in deep breaths through their noses as burnt fuel fills the air.

"It's a beau-ti-ful smell, isn't it?" says Rusty Bell, a motorsport enthusiast and sometimes MC of monster truck nights.

"Methanol. Pure alcohol. Mmmmm."

Motorsport is a hobby, or a calling, that fills the senses. And monster truckin' is no different, with smell one of the main attractions.

Then there's the sound, something like a crashing roar from a giant chainsaw or an FA-18 afterburner, when the monster rounds a bend and opens the throttle for its next assault crushing smaller cars.

And of course there's that sense that is hard to describe but it comes when you see a giant truck airborne and on a fierce angle - a sense perhaps best described by the internet acronym WTF.

Garcia, who was driving the truck in yesterday's demonstration, drove in his first smash-up derby when he was still in year 10 at high school.

With his dad a mechanic and motorsport fan, and Troy getting involved in racing from a young age, he saw driving in novelty races as "a natural progression".

"Anyone that's got motorsport in their blood, it becomes a lifestyle - you eat, drink and breathe it," he said.

"You hop out of the vehicle at the end of the meet and you've got the biggest smile on your face.

"You end up thinking about it all the time so what else can you do?".

Little kids and bigger kids will be able to get their fix of the monster truck action at the Albion Park showgrounds on Saturday night.

Garcia is pumped to try a full backflip in his truck called Freak, one of seven driving on Saturday. He also drives The Convict - it's the modified FJ Holden panel van spotted recently in Fairy Meadow.

Troy Garcia ahead of the demonstrations at Albion Park Showgrounds. Pictures: ORLANDO CHIODO, DYLAN ROBINSON

Troy Garcia ahead of the demonstrations at Albion Park Showgrounds. Pictures: ORLANDO CHIODO, DYLAN ROBINSON

And if the trucks aren't enough, there are a couple of cars with old helicopter jet engines mounted inside them, ready to flare.

Albion Park showground gates open at 2pm on Saturday. See for more info.

Bouncing in the air, the huge vehicle crushes cars.


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