Earthquake rumbles Far South Coast

Geosciences Australia has confirmed the Far South Coast was rumbled by a shallow earthquake near Cobargo that measured a magnitude of 3.5 on the Richter scale on Sunday afternoon.

The earthquake hit at exactly 1:51:58pm and confirmation of other experiencing the rumble flooded in quickly to a post on the Narooma News Facebook page.

Geosciences Australia received reports from Tathra to Moruya. Senior seismologist Jonathan Bathgate said earthquake occurred just west of Cobargo at a depth of less than 10 kilometres, hence designated as shallow.

There were fault lines in the Cobargo area but Geosciences Australia was not analysing it a scale to determine what specific fault line it was associated with.

“This area is known to have experienced earthquakes before and there have been several recorded over the last 20 to 30 years,” he said.

There was a 3.1 tremor at Cobargo in 2008 and a couple of 4 magnitudes offshore from Narooma and Bermagui in 1981 and 1971.

Sunday’s relatively minor tremor meant people experienced to varying degrees, mostly as a rumbling, while others didn’t feel it all.

Only larger quakes made the Earth's surface shake, deform and wave causing major disruption and disaster, nevertheless the posts on the Narooma News Facebook page were an illustration of how people felt it.

Bruce Allen posted: Out here at Punkalla - rumble noise only - could not feel any shake.

Nicole Thomas posted: I'm in Moruya I thought it was thunder.

Eddie Moore at Dalmeny posted: I heard it, sounded like thunder but roared a lot louder then usual..... Felt a slight rumble throughout the house.... Wholly cr*p.... The plates may have shifted of the shelf of Montague.... What's next a tsunami.....

WhileRhys Davies posted: While house was shaking we could hear it roaring next to the Bega Hospital.

Sunday afternoon’s earthquake at Cobargo listed on the Geosciences Australia website.

Sunday afternoon’s earthquake at Cobargo listed on the Geosciences Australia website.


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