Driver hurt in Mount Ousley Road truck crash

A truck driver was taken to Wollongong Hospital suffering lacerations to his head after a crash involving two semi-trailers on Mount Ousley Road this afternoon.

Fire and Rescue NSW Wollongong station commander Andrew Barber said it appeared one of the semi-trailers clipped the rear trailer of the other, causing it to lose control and smash into the Jersey  barrier.

‘‘It hit the barrier pretty hard and tore a wheel off,’’ Mr Barber said.

The accident happened at 5.30pm near the New Mount Pleasant Road overpass and emergency services closed a southbound lane of Mount Ousley Road.

Albion Park resident Steve Caunt was driving home from Sydney and was the first on the scene.

‘‘I was getting the driver out of the cabin and dialling triple-0 at the same time,’’ Mr Caunt said.

‘‘I got him out of the cabin and he was OK, but he was shaken.’’

It is believed the other driver was not hurt in the accident.

A truck involved in the accident. Picture: STEVE CAUNT

A truck involved in the accident. Picture: STEVE CAUNT