Woman shaken after Puckeys Estate scare

A 28-year-old woman was accosted by a man while walking along the pathway through Puckeys Estate on Sunday afternoon.

The incident occurred at about 5pm on Sunday, according to a witness on Fairy Creek bridge who called police on his mobile phone after the woman ran from the bush.

The witness said the man, who was riding a pushbike, had pedalled past the woman before turning around and coming back.

He then made a lewd comment and the woman, fearing for her safety, ran out of the bush.

‘‘As we were ringing the police to get them to come down here and speak to her, this bloke turned up again,’’ the witness said.

‘‘So he was pretty serious about having another go at this young lady.

‘‘As soon as he saw me, he turned around and did the bolt back over the bridge towards Fairy Meadow.

‘‘I took off after him but couldn’t catch him.’’

The woman was described as being shaken but otherwise unhurt by the incident. 

The man is described as being Caucasian, tanned, lean with dark wavy hair.

He was wearing a grey singlet, shorts and sneakers and was riding a blue BMX or mountain bike.