CELEB GOSS: Margot Robbie scared by Leo’s big bad wolf

Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Margot Robbie scared by Leo’s big bad wolf

Wolf of Wall Street starlet Margot Robbie says Leonardo DiCaprio was so convincing in his role as hotshot broker Jordan Belfort she was genuinely terrified he’d hurt her.

The former Ramsay Street regular says her co-star was ‘‘so in the moment’’ she wasn’t sure he even knew the cameras were rolling.

‘‘(You think) is he actually going to hit me in a second?’’ she told 2DayFM on Wednesday.

Martin Scorsese directs Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Martin Scorsese directs Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street.

But while she was genuinely scared of DiCaprio’s Wall Street wolf, Robbie says his committed performance ensured all her reactions were authentic.

She also shared another behind-the-scenes secret, admitting actors snorted Vitamin B powder for the film’s wilder scenes.

‘‘Vitamin B powder was the one of choice. Maybe we thought we were being healthy by doing it.’’

And while many wannabe actors find it notoriously difficult to break into Hollywood, Robbie - who is set to replace Amanda Seyfried in the sci-fi production Z for Zachariah - admits her star has risen more quickly than many expected.


I’ve never been this happy: Zac Efron

American actor Zac Efron has revealed he’s the happiest he’s ever been following his secret stint in rehab.

The 26-year-old was appearing on the Today Show in the US on Tuesday when anchor Savannah Guthrie asked him about reports that he had gone to rehab.

'‘I’m in the best place that I’ve ever been in,’’ Efron replied. ‘‘I’ve never been this happy before.’’

Efron reportedly did two stints in rehab in 2013 after he found himself battling an alleged cocaine addiction, TMZ reported in September.

At the time neither the actor or his spokespeople made any comment about the rumours, but Efron seems willing to divulge a little bit more about his situation.

‘‘I’m extraordinarily grateful for these guys and to be here promoting this movie. Things are good. Thank you for asking,’’ he added.


Katy Perry had sinful childhood prayers

She might have been a preacher’s daughter, but Katy Perry’s prayers weren’t always pure.

The pop vixen has told GQ as a pre-teen she would lie in bed at night praying for bigger breasts.

‘‘I said, ‘God, will you please let me have boobs so big that I can’t see my feet when Im lying down?’’’ she told the magazine.

When her God-given gifts arrived at age 11, Perry learnt to be careful what you wish for.

‘‘I had no clue they would fall into my armpits eventually.’’

The daughter of traveling ministers, the I Kissed A Girl singer went on to further frustrate her parents with her penchant for suggestive lyrics and skimpy outfits.

But she’s still a good girl in some ways.‘‘The weed - I’m not friends with it,’’ she says.


Tardy Kardashian causes media fight 

Fashion has its fair share of personalities as seen in Tuesday’s high-octane Paris haute couture shows.

Kim Kardashian, wearing a flowing ivory cashmere couture coat and satin pearl-grey pants, nearly caused cars to crash when she arrived late to the Stephane Rolland show.

Her arrival triggered a media storm, with photographers pushing each other and shouting angrily to get a clear shot.

Kardashian was seated in the front row at the show between actress Gaia Weiss and Blanca Suarez.

The reality TV star has been around Paris in recent days, snapped with her fiancee rapper Kanye West at Versailles Palace, once the seat of French monarchy.


Bieber spent $US75K in strip club: report

Justin Bieber. Picture REUTERS

Justin Bieber. Picture REUTERS

Justin Bieber spent $US75,000 ($A85,400) during a night out at a strip club in Miami, TMZ.com reports.

Bieber, 19, visited the King of Diamonds venue in the city to celebrate the birthday of his rapper friend Lil Scrappy, who hosted a party at the club on Monday night to mark his 30th birthday.

A representative for the strip club documented the singer’s visit in a series of posts on the venue’s Twitter page: ‘‘iSpy Justin Bieber live in the KOD (King of Diamonds)! ... Justin Bieber just ordered 75k ones.’’

A spokesperson for the club confirmed Bieber’s attendance and claimed he blew $US75,000 during his visit, according to TMZ.com.