Actor Rhys Muldoon's alleged mafia link

The former brother-in-law of the Nine Network’s House Husbands star Rhys Muldoon has alleged the actor has links to the Russian Mafia.

Wolfgang Wilkins made the accusation during an apprehended violence order application in Nowra Local Court on Friday.

Mr Wilkins made the application before Nowra Magistrate Dr Gabriel Fleming saying that Mr Muldoon had made numerous threats against him and he feared for his safety.

Mr Muldoon was not in court on Friday.

Magistrate Fleming said she had been told that due to a backlog, the notice for Mr Muldoon, who lives in Melbourne, to appear in court had not been served.

She moved to adjourn the application until February 7 to be satisfied the order had been served.

Mr Wilkins told the magistrate he had to appear in a Family Law Court case in Melbourne on February 22 and that he feared for his life.

He told the court he wanted to apply for an interim order.

Mr Wilkins outlined a series of alleged phone calls, text messages and threats to both himself and his parents dating back to September 2013.

Asked by the Magistrate if he feared for his safety he replied “Yes”.

“I have known Rhys for 14 years, I was married to his sister for 12 years and I have an intimate understanding of what he is like,” he said.

“In that time I know he has connections to the Russia Mafia in Melbourne and has the ability to access firearms.

“He has made threats and I know he has the ability to put them in place with the Russian Mafia.”

Mr Wilkins alleged Mr Muldoon made threats to him and his parents on the Far South Coast on September 6, 2013.

He told the court he received a phone call from Mr Muldoon in January this year saying he had knowledge of his whereabouts in NSW.

“He used words to the effect there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. ‘You will feel the bullet before you see it coming’,” Mr Wilkins said.

Mr Wilkins alleged the harassment started around the time of a family law matter when he was attempting to gain access to his three children.

“He’s involved in that, is attempting to intervene and stop that, but legally is not involved,” he said.

Mr Wilkins said the star had never acted violently towards him.

“I have proof through friends via emails, text messages and firsthand evidence that he has been trying to seek out my whereabouts,” Mr Wilkins told the court.

“There have been threats but no acts of violence, nothing I can attribute or prove to him.”

He told the court he had referred the matters to police.

“The most recent case I reported to police in Narooma,” he said.

“My mother received a text where [Mr Muldoon] said he was en route to Nowra from Melbourne and was aware where they live,” Mr Wilkins said.

“I have reported that to police and I believe my mother and father are also in the process of having an AVO issued against him as well.”

Magistrate Fleming noted Mr Wilkins’ fears for his safety but with no allegation of actual violence would not make an interim order and adjourned the matter until February 7.

House Husbands star Rhys Muldoon.

House Husbands star Rhys Muldoon.