Car crashes into house at Corrimal

A car has careered off a Corrimal road and into a house this morning, destroying a brick wall and verandah.

It was a close shave for residents of the Rothery Street home, one of whom was sleeping less than a metre from where the car ploughed into the front of the house.

Wollongong police said the accident, which happened around 6.50am, was the result of a young male driver failing to negotiate a left-hand turn.

‘‘He then proceeded through the intersection and impacted with a brick fence, and then continued into the house, destroying the verandah,’’ acting Sergeant Moloney said. 

‘‘The driver fled the scene on foot and police are making further inquiries as to the identity of that person.’’

Resident Shirley Amess said her grandson Chris - who was sleeping less than a metre from where the car came to rest - was woken by the sound and impact of the crash.

‘‘It really went off with a bang - it shook the whole house- and I thought ‘What the hell was that?’,’’ the grandmother said.

‘‘Chris first thought it was thunder and lightning, it was so loud.’’

Despite significant damage to the front verandah and neighbouring brick fence Mrs Amess, who has witnessed a number of tragic accidents at the nearby intersection during her 25 years at the address, was thankful the accident wasn't more serious.

 ‘‘It could’ve been worse, (the driver) could’ve wrapped it around the telegraph pole.’’