CELEB GOSS: Pink blasts celebs acting like rockers



Pink blasts celebs acting like rockers

Pink thinks real rock stars ‘‘hide’’.

The 34-year-old singer is one of the biggest stars on the planet but prefers to keep her personal life as private as possible.

She’s not a fan of attention seekers and thinks those with real talent have no need to be constantly trying to prove their status.

‘‘you ever notice it’s always the non rock stars acting like rock stars and the actual rock stars are hiding in the back w/ a hat pulled low? (sic)’’ she mused on Twitter.

Pink has built up a huge fan base and has more than 22 million followers on the social networking site.It seems that her loyal groupies are aware of her talent without any media hype.

‘‘That’s because the real stars don’t have to do the whole ’look at me’ scene. They know who they are. #YouRockYouStar (sic),’’ one posted.

Another added: ‘‘let them act like rock stars and get all the pap attention, may give u a better chance to live a life without them following (sic).’’

Pink and her husband Carey Hart welcomed their daughter Willow in June 2011. After the birth of her first child, the star made it very clear where she stands when it comes to photographers hounding celebrities and their families.

‘‘Due to the unsettling, surprisingly aggressive and unsafe measures that the paparazzi seem to be willing to go to in order to secure that ’first shot’ of our daughter - stalking us, chasing us in cars and sitting outside of our home all day and all night, (we) decided that we would release personal photos of our Willow, and donate all of the money to charity,’’ she said at the time.


Justin Bieber's wax figure ruined

Just as Justin Bieber seems to be in the midst of a superstar meltdown, so is his waxwork figure at Madame Tussauds.

The Bieber likeness on display at Tussauds New York on West 42nd Street has been groped, fondled and grabbed by so many excited fans that exhibit organizers have had to withdraw his dummy from display.

New York Post

Rihanna blames bankruptcy on accountant

Rihanna allegedly blames her accountant for making her ‘‘effectively bankrupt’’ in 2009.

TMZ claims to have obtained the 25-year-old singer’s legal documents, in which she is said to have insisted she had $US11 million ($A12.2 million) in cash at the beginning of 2009.

These files were reportedly handed in with connection to Rihanna’s case against her accounting firm. She sued them for gross mismanagement in 2012.

The gossip site writes: ‘‘Rihanna says the accountant was not on the ball and she was horrified to learn at the end of the year she had $US2 million ($A2.22 million) left.’’

It continues to claim her expenses had doubled at the time, which left her struggling more.

Rihanna would have lost $US9 million ($A9.99 million) in the year and in the legal documents she also reportedly says her accountant gave her the thumbs up to buy a house priced at between $US7 million ($A7.77 million) and $US7.5 million ($A8.32 million). After allegedly taking their advice, she ended up selling the home with a $US2 million ($A2.22 million) loss.

In addition to these reported statements, the Bajan musician is also said to blame her accountants for not letting her know that her 2009 Last Girl on Earth Tour was also losing money.

In 2012 the firm hit back at Rihanna’s lawsuit, insisting it was her own fault she lost so much money.

TMZ reported at the time that the law firm also defended the 22 per cent commission, saying it was ‘‘signed off on by (Rihanna) in an engagement letter that gave them permission to do so.’’

They reportedly claimed it was the pop star’s ‘‘own financial action or inaction’’ or the work of those close to her, which resulted in the loss.


Jenner has Adam’s apple surgically reduced

Bruce Jenner is going through a mid-life crisis and is obsessed with plastic surgery, according to reports.

The TV personality, who recently split with Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, recently underwent surgery to reduce the size of his Adam’s apple.

He has previously had a nose job and partial face-lift and now his family fears he’s become dependent on plastic surgery.

‘‘They say Bruce is changing his look because of his Michael Jackson-like obsession with plastic surgery,’’ TMZ reports.

The website added that the family source believes it’s because Bruce is struggling to regain his youth.


Kristen Stewart says stand up to sexism

Picture: REUTERS

Picture: REUTERS

Kristen Stewart has slammed the idea that females are the ‘‘weaker sex’’.

Speaking to British magazine Stylist, the 23-year-old actress advised women on how to overcome this ongoing problem.

‘‘You’ve got to get comfortable with fear, nothing’s worth doing unless you’re a little bit scared. People call women the weaker sex - it’s crazy. You have to stand up to that and be ready for things to be hard and for things to be serious,’’ she fumed.

‘‘Female’s ambition is different to men’s. Men have a drive to make their mark on the world so people remember them.

‘‘Women are more fulfilled with the selfless drive to create things, but one of the main struggles is finding out what you’re good at and going for it. If you don’t have a sense of purpose, you’ll just sit down and die!’’

Kristen recommends being tactful in approaching the subject. She gets frustrated by stereotypes and believes the way in which women get their message across is important.

‘‘It’s a total cliche - a man in a powerful position is considered assertive, whereas a woman is a ’bitch’,’’ she says.

‘‘So unfortunately we do need to consider how things are coming across - because people will stop listening to women much more quickly than they will a man.’’