South Coast Fare dodgers number 10%

One in 10 commuters on the South Coast rail line are fare evaders, according to a NSW government survey. That's higher than the state average.

In November 2012, Transport For NSW conducted the state's first fare evasion survey to discern fare evasion rates on trains, buses and ferries. While the bus routes in the Illawarra did not form part of the survey, the South Coast train line did.

According to the survey, 10.75 per cent of the people who caught the train during the survey period had not paid the correct fare. That is higher than the 8.3 per cent rate of rail fare evasion across the state.

The fare evasion figures include those who do not pay any fare before boarding, as well as travellers who buy a concession ticket to which they are not entitled.

Across the state, the rate of fare evasion for buses was 15.3 per cent and 4.9 per cent on ferries.

A Transport For NSW spokesman said fare evasion on buses occurred when a person bought a zone one ticket but travelled into zone two - known as "over-riding".

"Intelligence from the survey has helped us shape our approach to security and revenue protection on the network, including the introduction of 150 dedicated transport officers, who have been tasked with catching fare evaders and issuing infringement notices," the spokesman said.

"Since October 2013, transport officers targeting over-riding on buses have checked more than 167,000 tickets, and issued some 7000 fines."