Belinda Van Krevel jailed for stabbing boyfriend 

The sister of a double murderer has been sentenced to at least two years' jail for repeatedly stabbing her partner in their Sydney apartment.

Belinda Van Krevel, 33, stabbed Marshall Gould five times in the neck, leg and arm in their Rockdale unit in June last year.

But Mr Gould said he still loved her after the sentence was handed down.

Van Krevel was jailed in 2001 for six years for soliciting her then-boyfriend, Keith Shreiber, to murder her father, Jack Van Krevel, with a tomahawk in their Wollongong home. 

She said her father was molesting her daughter and also blamed him for the imprisonment two weeks earlier of her brother, Mark Valera.

Valera is serving a life sentence for the mutilation murders of former Wollongong mayor Frank Arkell and shopkeeper David O'Hearn.

In sentencing Van Krevel on Thursday, on one count of reckless wounding in relation to the stabbing of Mr Gould in 2013, Judge Ronald Solomon said Van Krevel's upbringing was "tragic".

Referencing psychologists' reports, he told Sydney's District Court on Thursday that Van Krevel had been physically and sexually abused by her father.

After being stabbed by Van Krevel, the court heard Mr Gould called his father, saying "Come and get me quick Dad, she has gone crazy. She thinks I'm Jack and she has stabbed me."

The court heard Mr Gould had tried to recover from his wounds at his father's place but eventually had to go to hospital.

He then tried to cover up Van Krevel's crime by telling police he had been mugged by three men.

But a subsequent search warrant at their apartment revealed large bloodstains and Van Krevel was eventually charged.

Judge Solomon said the pair had a "tempestuous relationship" with apprehended violence orders flying back and forth.

At the time of the stabbings, Van Krevel was also on good behaviour bonds for assaulting and stalking Mr Gould.

But despite their past, the court heard they had been seeking regular counselling and had made some headway.

Van Krevel was sentenced to a maximum of three years in jail, with her earliest date of release in July next year.

Speaking outside court, Mr Gould said he stood by Van Krevel.

"I love her and I support her and she has had a troubled childhood," he said.

He wasn't concerned that it would happen again.


Belinda Van Krevel was jailed for two years for stabbing her partner. Picture: KIRK GILMOUR

Belinda Van Krevel was jailed for two years for stabbing her partner. Picture: KIRK GILMOUR