Anti-Valentine’s Day campaign

A social networking site for residents and neighbourhood communities has launched an anti-Valentine’s campaign protesting the ‘‘exclusive’’ nature of the day. set up a Facebook page and is using the hashtag #AntiValentines2014 for people unlucky in love – or not interested in romance – to vent their feelings in an effort to promote the use of the site and app which connects residents in the same suburb. chief executive Darren Moffat said in a statement: “It’s online match-making for neighbours, but without the lovey-dovey stuff. 

‘‘Let’s face it, if you’re single Valentine’s Day sucks and if you’re in a long-term relationship it’s a bit redundant.

‘‘That’s a lot of people who won’t participate, not to mention those who hate the commercial aspect.

“Stuff Valentine’s, we say and ‘love thy neighbour’ instead.”