Police to pay for breaking Mercedes windscreen

A Wollongong man says he feels vindicated after being told he will receive compensation for an incident where a police officer threw a baton at the car he was driving, shattering the front windscreen.

Kadir Uckan was driving his mother’s Mercedes Benz on Davies Road in Menai last October when police pulled him over for exceeding the speed limit by what he says was about 10km/h.

As he was slowing down, he said the officer threw his fluorescent baton through the windscreen shattering glass over Mr Uckan and his passenger.

A NSW Police spokesperson said the officer, who is ‘‘from a specialist command’’ in the Bankstown area, had been subject to ‘‘management action’’.

‘‘Police received a complaint in this matter and the investigation of that complaint has concluded,’’ the spokesperson said.

Kadir Uckan shows where the baton hit the windscreen.

‘‘The complainant has been advised of the outcome and has also been advised how to make a claim for damages.’’

A damages claim had not yet been received.

Mr Uckan said he would soon submit the invoices for the damages, which totalled about $2000.

He said he wasn’t surprised by the finding.

 ‘‘I expected that,’’ he said. ‘‘I’m happy with that outcome.’’

His advice for others who found themselves in a similar situation was to pursue the matter until they ‘‘got what they deserved’’. 

‘‘Everyone advised me not to leave it too long,’’ he said. ‘‘They [the police] took their time. I was making statements, trying to make phone calls and we were getting turned down for some time.’’

Wollongong man Kadir Uckan. Picture: ROBERT PEET

Wollongong man Kadir Uckan. Picture: ROBERT PEET