Man bashed ex-partner in Berkeley park

An Illawarra man has been jailed for 16 months for assaulting his former girlfriend and threatening to break her ex-partner’s spine.

John Biancucci, 32, pleaded guilty in Wollongong District Court on Friday to charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, using a carriage service to threaten serious harm and attempting to influence a witness.

The court heard Biancucci and the woman had been in an ‘‘on-off’’ relationship for 18 months but split a couple of months prior to the incident, however remaining in contact.

Court documents said the woman met Biancucci at a park in Berkeley on the afternoon of February 6 last year after receiving a phone call from him earlier in the day.

An argument developed between the pair, during which Biancucci lashed out at the woman, hitting her multiple times in the face and body before taking her handbag.

As he rummaged through it the woman ran towards nearby houses, screaming out to residents to call police.

Officers noted the woman had a lump and bruising above her right eye and scratches on her legs.

The same day the woman’s ex-boyfriend called her mobile phone to arrange to meet.

Biancucci answered the phone and the two men had a brief conversation, in which Biancucci accused the other man of sleeping with the woman.

In another call later that afternoon, Biancucci threatened to break the man’s spine and bash him.

Biancucci, who was on parole from jail at the time, was later arrested and remanded in custody.

While in jail, Biancucci attempted to have his friend visit the woman to ‘‘talk her around’’ into not giving evidence against him.

His lawyer, Melissa Humphreys, on Friday said her client’s behaviour in threatening the man was ‘‘bravado’’ and he had not intended to carry them out.

However, Judge David Frearson condemned Biancucci’s actions, saying his behaviour  was alarming.

He noted Biancucci’s considerable criminal record, littered with violence, domestic assaults, stalking and property damage offences, showed ‘‘persistent disobedience’’ of the law.

‘‘There’s no evidence of remorse. Has he accepted responsibility? Not really,’’ Judge Frearson said. ‘‘I can’t say he’s unlikely to reoffend.’’

He sentenced Biancucci to a total of 16 months behind bars.