Readers have their say on stack demolition

A sample of web comments from the past month on the divisive topic of the stack felling.

‘‘Barely a hurry. My daughter was starting high school when the first proposal was submitted in 2008. Her entire secondary education has come and gone and this is still dragging on. A hurry indeed.’’ - Jaye Rodger

‘‘Rush? This has been dragged on for years and all the studies have been done.’’ - Jim

‘‘Oh for heaven’s sake. It’s a freaking chimney!! Just get rid of the damn thing already. The ‘concerned residents’ live in a town next to a freaking steel plant which I’m sure generates a lot more pollution and health issues than the demolition of the stack.’’ - AJ

‘‘This isn’t the first chimney of it’s size ever to be demolished nor will it be the last. Just get it over with.’' - George Lopez

‘‘Does make me laugh though. For years and years these local residents that are now jumping up and down lived happily next to a copper smelter pumping out lead, arsenic, selenium and particulate matter.’’ - It’s Coming Down

‘‘How many more meetings and years do you want to finally accept the fact that it is coming down?’’ - Happyoldfart

‘‘If it isn’t knocked down, it will soon fall down anyway. Same result for the dust.’’ - AJH

‘‘I can remember when AIS dropped a (much smaller) steel stack at No1 Open Hearth in the sixties. Because of nearby structures, it was imperative that it fell in exactly the right place, so they attached a huge hinge at the base to keep it on track. It worked like a charm.’’ - Honest Kev

‘‘Ever asked yourself why you never see tourism photos of Wollongong or promotional material of Wollongong that include the ‘stack’? There is a clue in that.’’ - Adam

‘‘Should take the chance to rename the suburb and leave its connections with a toxic past behind, leave the name of port for the actual port and industry not residential suburb.’’ - Joel

‘‘Iconic thought it may be, I have always seen it as a blight on our landscape. Whenever taking photos of and around Wollongong I will always avoid the stack in the background if possible.’’ - Jeff

‘‘Many, many quiet voices can’t wait for next week and will cheer long and hard when the rotten thing is down.’’ - Cliffy

‘‘The stack is smack bang on the largest deposit of unobtainium within the known universe. No wonder they want to bring the stack down, but were will the blue monkeys live?’’ - Tymes

‘‘Remove it by all means, but do it safely, and with due care to the residents.’’ - Activist Observer

‘‘Only a fool would suggest that taking a day away from Port Kembla will solve all your problems when the stack is razed.’’ - Ian Fulford

‘‘The Port Kembla stack should be just left alone its been up for so many years. Why take it down now to put us all at risk with its danger hazards?’’ - Alyce

‘‘Exploding it with thousands of homes only metres away from our homes is NOT the best way to do it. It does not take into effect the detrimental effect this will have on all the residents that live only metres away from it.’’ - We Deserve Better

‘‘I don’t care if it comes down BUT, like these residents are saying, think about the citizens when it happens.’’ - Scary

‘‘There are like five schools near by within metres of the stack then the schools in warrawong. Does any one care?’’ - It’s Not Right

‘‘We will all have to suffer long after the stack comes down as long as big business gets their way thats all that matters.’’ - Big Deal Yeah

‘‘The health ramifications will be long lasting. Staying away from the area for the day of demolition is NOT going to help.’’ - Concerned

‘‘I am thinking this is going to be one HUGE explosion and it will be heard all over Wollongong. I hope no-one leaves their dogs, cats, guinea pigs or other pets within nearby earshot. It would traumatise them worse than the illegal fireworks that are set off here all the time.’’ - Pye

‘‘Very concerned that the people of the Illawarra will have to wear radiation suit for the next couple years, after the copper smelter topples on the 20th Feb.’’ - Katie

‘‘I think it should have been left where it is! I also think it could have been a major art piece by turning it into the world’s largest didgeridoo. Some of you may laugh, but I think it would look fantastic and recognise our indigenous people in the area.’’ - Richard Kramer 

‘‘After the damage that this thing has done to the community in the past, the owners could be considerate enough to postpone the demolition in order to allay community fears, which are not baseless.’’ - Sandi

‘‘Why is it that we spruce up crappy facades on Crown Street but tear down iconic landmarks such as the stack in Wollongong?’’ - Pity

‘‘This structure is a huge part of our Illawarra history. It is a marvel. The people that want it gone are BORING, and have no regard for the previous wanton destruction and unreplaceable loss of our local architecture.’’ - The Greek from Werris Creek


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