Katie Foreman not pregnant when she died: doctor

Slain Wollongong lawyer Katie Foreman was not pregnant at the time of her death, the doctor who carried out the post-mortem on her body revealed.

Forensic pathologist Dr Matthew Orde told the Supreme Court jury he found no signs Ms Foreman was pregnant when he conducted the examination two days after her death on October 27, 2011.

Previously the court heard Ms Foreman’s estranged boyfriend and one of her accused killers, Bradley Max Rawlinson, told Ms Foreman’s cousin Alicia Gibb that Katie had been pregnant when she died.

"Did she tell anyone?" Ms Gibb said she asked Rawlinson when he told her.

"No, only me," Rawlinson allegedly replied.

Dr Orde told jurors Ms Foreman died "as a result of the effects of fire" but the discovery of black debris in her airways and her lungs led him to conclude she had been alive and breathing, inhaling the smoke, during part of the fire.

Toxicology tests carried out on samples from Ms Foreman’s body were negative for amphetamines, sedatives, cannabis, cocaine, codeine, cyanide, methadone and morpheine, as well as alcohol.

During cross-examination Dr Orde confirmed cocaine and alcohol took only a matter of hours to break down in the body as opposed to cannabis which took longer.

Dr Orde said he discovered remnants of clothing on Ms Foreman’s body.

The trial continues.