Two-way street: message for drivers, cyclists

New safety adverts are aiming to dispel the “blame game” between cyclists and drivers and change the culture of both groups, road safety advocates say.

It is the first time cyclists and drivers will be targeted in the same campaign which is reiterating the need for each group to follow the road rules.

“We're trying to break down the culture at the moment,” said Director of the NSW Centre for Road Safety Marg Prendergast.

“They each think the other is arrogant. We need drivers to be more accommodating to cyclists and cyclists need to be more predicable.”

The “Two Way Street” campaign is being launched on Friday by Transport NSW, the NRMA, NSW Police Force, Bicycle NSW and road safety advocacy group the Amy Gillett Foundation.

“Its theme is mutual respect,” said the foundation's CEO Tracy Gaudry.

“What we're trying to do is reduce the temperature between bike riders and motorists.”

For cyclists the main messages are to be predictable, be alert and be seen, while drivers are being told to leave at least a metre gap between themselves and a rider, indicate early and watch their speed.

There have been 17 cyclist fatalities in the past 14 months, according to Transport NSW, an increase from the same period the previous year.

Just over half of the deaths involved riders aged 30-49 years old while the cause of fatalities ranged from head on crashes, out of control riders, to when a cyclist has hit an object on the road like a traffic control device.

The print campaign.

The print campaign.