Ambo assault accused: conviction annulled

A Berkeley woman accused of lashing out at paramedics in a drug-fuelled rage has had her conviction annulled following a legal bungle.

Amanda Marasovic was convicted on February 18 of the violent assault of a paramedic after she failed to attend Wollongong Local Court to face the charge.

According to facts given to court on that date, Marasovic was in a drunken, marijuana-induced rage when she attacked two paramedics who had responded to reports that a woman was bleeding heavily and needed help at a West Wollongong address.

Emergency services arrived at the Poulter Street home at 11.47pm on December 21 to discover that Marasovic had fallen three metres from a window at the front of the house and was covered with lacerations and abrasions.

Police allege she became violent as the paramedics were treating her in the back of the ambulance, kicking her legs in the air and swinging punches at them as they attempted to help her.

They eventually restrained her with the help of police and took her to Wollongong Hospital for treatment.

According to the statement, one of the paramedics was punched in the neck and kicked in the face during the outburst.

Marasovic had allegedly consumed alcohol, a "hash biscuit" and smoked marijuana that evening and was "well affected" by the substances, the statement said.

Yesterday, Wollongong Local Court was told that a mix-up with Marasovic's legal representative, Greg Murphy, had left her unrepresented in court on February 18.

On that basis, Magistrate Susan McGowan granted barrister Rob Steward's application to have the conviction annulled.

Marasovic pleaded not guilty to one count of common assault.

The matter was adjourned until April 15.

Amanda Marasovic has had a conviction for violent assault annulled after a legal bungle.

Amanda Marasovic has had a conviction for violent assault annulled after a legal bungle.