Katie Foreman trial: 'sixth sense' alerted dad

The father of slain Wollongong lawyer Katie Foreman took an almost instant dislike to the woman who eventually killed his daughter, a court has heard.

Neil Foreman told a Supreme Court jury that to his best recollection he met Wendy Anne Evans only twice while she and his daughter were close friends, but formed an almost immediate poor impression of her, even going as far as to ask Ms Foreman to stay away from Evans at one stage.

Katie Foreman murder trial: At a glance

Ms Foreman was killed when a deliberately lit fire ripped through her Corrimal home on October 27, 2011.

Evans has pleaded guilty to murder over her role in lighting the fatal fire.

Ms Foreman's estranged boyfriend, Bradley Max Rawlinson, and western Sydney couple Bernard Justin Spicer and Michelle Sharon Proud, are on trial accused of helping Evans plan and carry out the killing.

Katie Foreman

Katie Foreman

Mr Foreman recalled meeting Evans once at Ms Foreman's house when she came to pick up her personal belongings, and another time at his ex-wife's 60th birthday party, at the end of March, 2011.

"There was something ... some sixth sense shall we say ... there was some tingling that indicated to me all was not right," Mr Foreman said from the witness box yesterday.

"Mistrust? Would you agree with that?" defence barrister Winston Terracini asked him.

"Yes," Mr Foreman replied.

"You were of the view she was fairly outspoken and had a strong personality?" Mr Terracini asked.

"Yes," Mr Foreman responded.

Mr Foreman said he and his daughter shared a close relationship, speaking to each other every second or third day.

He said Ms Foreman told him prior to her death that she believed someone was tampering with the fuel in her car, and that on at least one occasion she had a prowler at the house.

Mr Foreman also said in the weeks before his daughter's death he noticed her putting in longer hours at work, and that she was spending more time at his house at weekends.

He conceded during cross-examination that his daughter did not confide in him about all her intimate relationships, replying he'd never heard her mention a man called Scott Field when the name was put to him by Mr Terracini.

Jurors previously heard evidence from Mr Field, who once dated Evans, that he and Ms Foreman had been intimate in February and March of 2011 before he was forced to return to jail after breaching his parole.

Meantime, jurors also heard from Ms Foreman's friend and colleague Matthew Trevillion, who said that some time in February 2011, Rawlinson approached him with a request.

"He said he had a key for a safety deposit box and he wanted me to give it to Katie if anything happened to him," Mr Trevillion told the court.

"He said there was money and papers [inside the box].

"I said to Brad, 'So, to summarise, you want me to give this key to Katie when you're dead?'.

"He thought about it then took the key back ... he changed his mind."

Other witnesses gave evidence earlier in the trial that Rawlinson had spoken about committing suicide around the same time.

The trial continues.