Rankin, Marsh in tweeting mix-up drama

Paul Rankin and Kellie Marsh.
Paul Rankin and Kellie Marsh.

The perils of social media.

For a while on Tuesday it looked like an unexpected reconciliation between Shellharbour Deputy Mayor Paul Rankin and former Liberal colleague Kellie Marsh was on the cards.

An offer to meet and settle differences appeared to have been made by Cr Rankin on Twitter and accepted by Cr Marsh, before accusations of account hacking were made.

The problem it seems, was Cr Rankin had shown his fellow councillor Helen Stewart how to use Twitter by logging into his own account on Cr Stewart's iPad.

Despite setting up her own Twitter account, when Cr Stewart tried to tweet, the messages came up as being from Paul Rankin.

"I did ring IT and they couldn't work out how it happened," Cr Stewart said.

"I saw Paul Rankin on Tuesday night and he was very upset someone had hacked into his Twitter account.

"I told him nobody has hacked your account, I have tried to go into my account and opened yours ... it was a genuine mistake.

"We got it sorted out."

Cr Marsh conceded she thought the messages had come from Cr Rankin.

She said she was genuine in her responses and would still take up the offer of coffee.

"I'm happy to talk - that's just the kind of girl I am," Cr Marsh said.

Cr Rankin said there was a warning for everyone to not log into your Twitter account on someone else's iPad.

"I have kept my account but changed the password ... and I won't be having coffee with Kellie Marsh."

Twitter conversation

Paul Rankin @prankin01: 

@Harbourliberal This is confusing.

Kellie Marsh @Harbourliberal:

@prankin01 Paul you’ve been confused for a while but happy 2 meet for a coffee

Paul Rankin @prankin01:

@Harbourliberal Do you wish to meet with Marianne

 Kellie Marsh @Harbourliberal:

@prankin01 yes sure id like to meet with you both! Where & when?

Paul Rankin @prankin01:

@Harbourliberal I think it’s time we sat down & talked things through need to settle our differences

Kellie Marsh @Harbourliberal:

@prankin01 absolutely Im here 4 the benefit of community ill work with anyone.My priority is family. & community

Paul Rankin @prankin01:

@Harbourliberal I cannot understand why my account is mixed with Paul Rankins ?

Paul Rankin @prankin01:

@Harbourliberal somebody has hacked my account I did not do any of these tweets. They are not mine nor do I agree with them.

Paul Rankin @prankin01:

My twitter account has been hacked I am now de activating my account.


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