Hannah one to watch in world of food photography

Some of Hannah Ladic's food photography.

Some of Hannah Ladic's food photography.

A passionate Italian family and a keen-eye for interesting vintage trinkets have given Hannah Ladic a natural talent for crafting gorgeous food photographs.

The 21-year-old Farmborough Heights resident graduated from a photography course at Campbelltown TAFE at the end of last year, and is already turning heads with her colourful snaps.

Her teacher, Stefani Aloisio, said she had never seen a more impressive portfolio from a graduating student.

"Her food photography is nothing I have ever seen before in 12 years of teaching. Remember her name, as I am pretty sure Hannah is going to be famous."

Ms Ladic started learning about food photography three years ago at West Wollongong TAFE - where she studied the first part of her course - but her passion for food developed much earlier.

"My love of food comes from my Italian background because I've been surrounded by amazing cooks my whole life - whether it's learning family recipes from my mum or nonna or serving up old favourites to the people I love," she said.

Talented young Farmborough Heights food photographer Hannah Ladic. Picture: ORLANDO CHIODO

Talented young Farmborough Heights food photographer Hannah Ladic. Picture: ORLANDO CHIODO

Her flair for noticing the smallest details and surrounding food with a vibrant background has also helped develop a unique photographic style.

"Food is something everyone can relate to, but when you put it in a scene it makes the photo more interesting," she said.

"For example, one of my favourites is a photo of my nonna's crostoli which I shot on a cooking tray and put an old percolator and some rustic scrapbooking paper in the background."

"I frequently visit antique shops or other quirky little places ... basically, wherever I'm looking out for - things like vintage teacups or spoons - and I've built up quite a collection."

With thousands of mediocre food snaps now clogging Facebook and Instagram, Ms Ladic works hard to make sure her photography stands out.

"I think my angle on food photos is a little bit different, and where people might just take a snap on their iPhone in an instant, some of my photos can take up to four hours to put together."

"The scene I set up and the time that goes into it is a what sets me apart.

"I'm quite a perfectionist."

Since graduating, Ms Ladic has started her own photography business and worked on several local projects to build up her portfolio.

One of her early jobs, for Wollongong's Fine Spun Catering, was featured in the Sydney Wedding magazine, which gave her confidence to seek out more work for cafes, bars and restaurants in Sydney and Wollongong.

Down the track, she said her dream job was to work for a food magazine like Delicious, Taste or Donna Hay.

"They always use lots of props, or have food set up in a scene on a table, and that's what I'm drawn to because you can picture yourself sitting there and eating that food."