Broke Corrimal mum drove drunk

A Corrimal mum who crashed her car while driving with a blood alcohol level almost four times the legal limit was facing financial ruin, a court has heard.

Chez Nichole Honess had been told her house was going to be taken from her on January 3, when she got behind the wheel of her car with a blood alcohol level of 0.19.

The news had come as a blow for the 30-year-old mum, who had already lost a significant amount of money - including some of her superannuation - in a failed business and had separated from her husband.

On Tuesday, Wollongong Local Court heard Honess was travelling south on Memorial Drive at Bulli about 7.40pm when she collided with another vehicle, also travelling south.

She continued driving south, weaving in and out of traffic, before she came to the Park Road exit at Woonona and lost control of her car.

Honess travelled across a traffic island, mounted the gutter and wedged the car up on the embankment, where it came to rest.

She removed herself from the car unharmed.

Police - who noted Honess was unsteady on her feet and slurring her speech when they arrived - said it was lucky there were no cars trying to enter the freeway from Park Road at the time.

The court heard the small-framed woman had consumed 10 alcoholic drinks in the four hours prior to the crash, and had what police thought was bourbon and Coke in her car cup holder.

Magistrate Geraldine Beattie accepted Honess had a clean driving record and was now seeking the help of a psychologist to deal with her personal issues.

"[Considering the material before the court] you'd think you'd be the last person standing here now," she said.

"You weren't thinking straight and you made a very serious error in judgment."

She ordered Honess to perform 190 hours' community service and disqualified her from driving for two years.