Jail avoided for savage Mangerton attack

A partygoer who repeatedly punched a man in the face during an unprovoked assault has been slammed by a magistrate for the "drunken, savage attack".

Wollongong Local Court heard Israel Campos, 27, was intoxicated when he ripped a shirt off a man and repeatedly punched him in the head on August 30, last year.

The man, who fell to the ground unconscious as a result of the attack, had been at the same Mangerton house party as Campos a short time earlier.

Campos violently assaulted the man on the corner of Staff and Crown streets, after police shut down the party and partygoers had moved on.

He then ran from the police who witnessed the attack and had to be capsicum sprayed before they were able to arrest him.

On Tuesday, Magistrate Geraldine Beattie described the assault as a "drunken, savage attack" which could have resulted in far more serious consequences had the victim's injuries been more severe.

"Here you are causing an injury to someone for no reason," she said.

"You punched him numerous times to the face and he fell to the ground unconscious.

"It's a very scary type of offence - it could have ended up with a more serious charge before the court."

The victim did not require urgent medical treatment or any surgery as a result of the attack.

The court heard Campos suffered from "alcohol abuse disorder" and was binge drinking 1½ bottles of spirits a day, several times a week, prior to the offence.

A psychologist's report tendered to court said Compos was not an otherwise violent person. It said he was very remorseful for the attack.

He had a low chance of reoffending and planned to address his problem with alcohol, the court heard.

Magistrate Beattie sentenced him to perform 225 hours of community service.