Letters: South Coast trains either late or cancelled

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After catching trains to Sydney for 10 years, I can honestly say that there has never been a worse run of late or cancelled trains from the South Coast than in the last month.

 Trains are cancelled or constantly late and there are few or no announcements. Another big problem is that the new timetable has fewer trains and South Coast trains have a stopping pattern that has been used to boost capacity in Sydney and marginal seats and led to even bigger blowouts in travel times.

 For example, a late-running  train got Sutherland commuters back 15 minutes late while the train was 45 minutes late by the time it got to Wollongong.

 Regular commuters are getting back in their cars and driving to Sutherland instead. 

It is time that the NSW Minister for Transport fixed the problem rather than play smoke and mirrors and not acknowledge commuter concerns.