Drug addict 'felt like scum' after stabbing

An Illawarra man was desperate to feed his "ice" and heroin addiction and pay off a drug debt when he stabbed a Berkeley shopkeeper during an armed robbery in 2012.

Brad James Doble was high and in need of cash when he impulsively decided to hold up a Berkeley supermarket and Primbee Post Office, he told Wollongong District Court on Friday.

He admitted he felt like the "biggest scum of the earth" for stabbing the female shopkeeper, revealing he had only wanted to scare her.

"It all happened so quickly. I didn't mean to hurt her ... I feel horrible," he said.

He told the court he had been spending nearly $1200 a day on drugs and owed his dealer about $1800 when he and several other men committed the robberies.

Doble and two co-offenders confronted a man working at the Primbee Post Office on March 29, 2012. Brandishing a knife while his co-offenders toted a machete and a sawn-off shotgun, Doble ordered the man to open the safe.

The worker managed to activate a duress alarm and the trio ran off empty-handed.

Two months later, Doble, this time with one accomplice, entered the Berkeley Welcome Mart about 7am, demanding to be taken to the safe.

Doble lunged at the female shopkeeper, stabbing her through her upper right arm.

A male worker later managed to chase the two men out.

The court heard Doble, who pleaded guilty to both robberies, had a dysfunctional childhood and had been using drugs in jail. He said he wanted to kick his drug habit and was planning to live with his father on his release.

Doble is set to be sentenced on May 1.