Kiama takes lead in copper switch-off

Areas of Kiama will be among the first in the country to have the copper network switched off.

The move is the last stage of the NBN roll-out. Eighteen months after the network is switched on, the procedure is to switch off the copper network.

"We've got 15 areas where copper is being switched off and Kiama Downs and parts of Minnamurra are included in that first 15, NBNCo community relations adviser Tony Gibbs said.

"After the 23rd of May, those copper services will start to be switched off."

NBN icing on cake for Kiama newcomers

He said NBNCo was taking a range of measures to ensure Kiama residents were aware of the copper switch-off. These included Thursday's community information session, advertising and door-knocking residents.

Combine this with service providers also contacting residents and Mr Gibbs said the message was getting out.

"We've had good take-up in terms of people migrating over to new services," he said.

"There are 2369 premises in that first area - and we're seeing this in other areas. There will always be those people who do wait until towards the end."

Mr Gibbs said Telstra would progressively turn off the copper network over 10 business days from May 24.

People who had not switched before May 23 will have a limited phone service for 20 business days from the day their copper was disconnected and can make emergency calls or call Telstra.

There will be no such buffer period with internet services, which will no longer work on the copper network after the cut-off date.

Residents who have placed an order for NBN connection before May 23 will still be able to use the copper network until their NBN service is fully installed.

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