Dapto-inspired YouTube video goes viral

A screen shot the YouTube animation that has gone viral.
A screen shot the YouTube animation that has gone viral.

Bogan characters from a viral animated video inspired by Dapto Railway Station are fast gaining cult status.

Bare-chested weedy man Damo and the singleted Darren are mates - sort of - but Damo struggles to assert himself against Darren, who wants to borrow his lighter.

"Oi Damo you c--- give us your lighter," he asks, in the film's opening line.

The video is the creation of 23-year-old Wollongong animator Michael Cusack, who used a photograph of Dapto station to draw the platform where Damo and Darren's 2½ minute exchange takes place.

The video has been viewed almost 2.4 million times on YouTube in the past month, seemingly striking a familiar chord with viewers who have deemed it "Australian train stations in a nutshell", "disturbingly accurate" and claimed the train station as their own.

Damo and Darren now have their own Facebook page, with more than 35,000 followers, and dialogue from the film has been used for multiple remixes.

Darren - and one of his most celebrated catch-cries ("can you like, for one second, not be a f---wit?") made an appearance on a placard at Melbourne's March in March rally at the weekend.

Another of his clangers (he calls Damo a "ciggy butt brain", for his over-reliance on cigarettes) has been defined in the Urban Dictionary.

Cusack has released a range of Damo and Darren mugs and T-shirts to fund his filmmaking. His audience have called him a "comedy god" and encouraged him to make a series.

Cusack has promised there will be more to come.

The YouTube clip can be viewed here. Please note it contains offensive language.


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