Katie Foreman trial: texts reveal chain of lies

The alleged secret lovers at the centre of the Katie Foreman murder trial lied to police about their communication with each other in the months before the young solicitor was killed, a court has heard.

In separate interviews with police following Ms Foreman's October 2011 death, Bradley Rawlinson and Wendy Evans both told investigating officers they had only met a handful of times while Ms Foreman was alive, but had both shared close relationships with her - Rawlinson as an on-off boyfriend, and Evans as a one-time close friend.

Katie Foreman

Katie Foreman

The pair denied during the interviews that there was any contact between them in the months before Ms Foreman's death, claiming the last time they had seen or spoken to each other was in mid-July, when they were out with Ms Foreman and some friends celebrating Rawlinson's birthday.

However, a series of text messages shown to the Supreme Court jury on Monday revealed Rawlinson and Evans were in contact almost daily after that night, and wanted to keep their communication a secret from Ms Foreman.

Prosecutors allege Rawlinson and Evans became secret lovers in the weeks before Ms Foreman's death, and plotted to have her killed so they could be together.

A DVD recording of Evans's four-hour interview with police on November 17, 2011, was played to jurors on Tuesday.

In it, Evans said she and Rawlinson last spoke in July, however, she might have sent him a text in August as part of a group message telling all her contacts she was returning to Wollongong for work.

She could not recall whether or not she had received a response from him.

"So there's been no other direct communication - email, phone?" officers asked her.

"No," she replied.

Likewise, Rawlinson also told police during a separate interview the previous day that he had had no contact with Evans for six months before Ms Foreman's death, and did not know where she was living or what her contact number was.

The text message exchanges between Rawlinson and Evans reveal they began confiding in each other the night of Rawlinson's birthday after he caught Ms Foreman kissing Evans's son, Ashley.

Initially, Rawlinson wrote to Evans of his heartbreak over the incident and his desire that Ms Foreman return his affections, saying Evans was a good friend for listening to him.

However, the pair's conversations soon became more intimate, and eventually turned erotic as they declared their love for each other, discussed sexual liaisons, and expressed a joint desire to have Ms Foreman "gone".

Evans told police during her interview that she was not involved in lighting the house fire that claimed Ms Foreman's life, instead telling them she had gone to bed about 1.30am - an hour before Ms Foreman's house was deliberately set on fire.

"I don't know anybody that could do something like this, or would do something like this," she said at the time.

The trial continues.