Bombo servo moves on to concept stage

Kiama Municipal Council's vision of a petrol station on Riverside Drive at Bombo is a step closer with consultants engaged to confirm that a service station would be "workable and feasible" on the site in question.

On Tuesday night, Kiama councillors endorsed the appointment of consultants Martin, Morris and Jones, which will prepare a concept plan for the site, south of the Riverside Drive roundabout.

The land is primarily owned by RailCorp and once formed part of its quarry landholding.

Last August, the council resolved to negotiate with the NSW government and RailCorp for the purchase of part of the land to enable the development of a service station.

In February, council staff were told the land was no longer required for transport purposes and could be sold.

Government Property NSW advised that it would be prepared to consider "exclusive negotiations" with the council relating to the land on the basis that the development would "provide local economic benefits and public good".

The exclusive sale approval is dependent on the confirmation the land can be used as a service station.

The land will also require rezoning, with the council investigating the most appropriate zoning amendment to permit a service station. Residue land is likely to be rezoned residential.

The council's general manager, Michael Forsyth, said following receipt of the plan and advice from MMJ, a further report would be submitted to the council.