Search for MH370: new sighting of debris

Kuala Lumpur: A French satellite has revealed a new sighting of objects in the Indian Ocean, further raising hopes of finding the missing Malaysian Airlines airliner and unraveling one of the most baffling mysteries of modern aviation.

Malaysia has reportedly handed over new satellite images from the French to Australia. Picture: AP

Malaysia has reportedly handed over new satellite images from the French to Australia. Picture: AP

French authorities say new satellite images show “potential objects” in Indian Ocean where Australia and China have already released images that shown possible debris from the Boeing 777.

Malaysia late on Sunday sent the images to Australia's rescue co-ordination centre in Canberra.

In a statement Malaysia's transport ministry said the images from the three countries “show potential objects, which may be related to MH370” in what they have identified as a southern search area that includes the vast expanses of the southern Indian Ocean.

“All this information has been forwarded to Australia, as the lead country in the area of concern,” the statement said.

Authorities in Kuala Lumpur did not release details of the size or of the location of the objects identified by French authorities.

Since the plane disappeared they have released only scant information, angering relatives and friend of those on board.

Malaysian officials spent six hours with relatives of Chinese passengers in Beijing on Sunday.

"The government wishes to reiterate its commitment and continued engagement with the relatives of those on board MH370," the Malaysian government said in a statement.

Malaysia Airlines has promised to fly relatives of the passengers to Perth if debris from the plane is found in the Indian Ocean.

Perth would become the staging port for the recovery operation.

Malaysian officials said a number of search flights due to depart Kuala Lumpur Sunday were cancelled because of Cyclone Gillian that has formed in the Indian Ocean.

But they said two Indian search aircraft joined the search.

Malaysian authorities cancelled a daily media briefing while search operations headquarters was moved from a hotel near Kuala Lumpur airport to the city centre.