Brothel owner guilty of molesting girl

Dennis Walker
Dennis Walker

An Albion Park man accused of sexually assaulting a child has been taken into custody after a jury took  two hours to convict him.

Dennis Raymond Walker was led to the cells at Wollongong District Court  on Friday after the jury found him guilty of four counts of sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 10 and one count of indecent assault.

The jury found the 67-year-old had engaged in sexual acts on two occasions with a girl then aged seven or eight, some time in 2008 or 2009.

The girl later  told police Walker showed her a pornographic DVD and asked her to mimic a sexual act.

She said Walker threatened her at the time of the attack: ‘‘If you tell your parents, I will shoot your family.’’

He also forced her to undress and kiss him on the lips, she said.

 Walker’s adult daughter made disbelieving noises and wept as the verdict was read out. 

She embraced Walker then told him: ‘‘I love you, Dad,’’ as he was led away.

Walker did not react as the verdict was delivered.

He has been remanded in custody, awaiting sentencing on June 20.

The jury was unconvinced by Walker’s claims that he couldn’t have interfered with the girl because she was not left alone with him at the times the offences occurred.

The jury further rejected the defence’s suggestion that the girl was exposed to pornographic DVDs at  brothels where her mother worked and Walker owned or operated, and that this had inspired her to make false allegations.