Thoughts of stepdad kept Steve going on broken feet

Windang’s Steve Quirk back at home. Picture: SYLVIA LIBER

Windang’s Steve Quirk back at home. Picture: SYLVIA LIBER

Blistered and broken hearted, Windang’s Steve Quirk has arrived back from his walk across Australia, wishing his fundraising efforts had been rewarded.

The 43-year-old set off from Wollongong on January 10 to walk across Australia to Freemantle in Western Australia and raise funds for the Cancer Council.

He hoped to raise $10,000 after his stepfather lost his battle with throat cancer last year.

By the time he arrived in Freemantle on March 17, he had taken nearly six million steps and raised almost $3000.

Although he has collected another $2100 since then, he was still disappointed.

‘‘We haven’t raised anywhere near what we anticipated or wanted,’’ he said.

Despite his intentions, Mr Quirk had to cancel his return walk because his feet were too blistered, his toe nails had started falling off and he injured his right leg when a tendon became detached from the bone.

‘‘They started to infect and I took pain killers for a few weeks,’’ he said.

Mr Quirk said it was the memory of his stepdad and his promise that kept him going until he reached Freemantle.

‘‘It was just determination, mind over matter and pain killers,’’ he said.

Go to to donate to Steve Quirk’s fundraiser for the Cancer Council.