Best to keep rules simple


There's an urgent need to simplify the rules in tackles.

At the moment it's confusing the players about what they can and cannot do and it's reflected in some less than consistent outcomes being made by the match review committee.

Referees have plenty on their plate already.

Referees have plenty on their plate already.

At the Tigers, there's been a heavy focus on mastering the two-man tackling technique, even though you'll still see the third man involved.

David Kidwell has been involved at the club and he's been outstanding in developing the tackling style.

The changes to the game have helped, with a number of big boppers rolling forward for the Tigers, as was the case in the win over Manly.

But sometimes you've got to be a rocket scientist to understand the technicalities of what is and isn't allowed in a tackle and the more complicated it's made, the harder it gets.

It's frustrating for players and fans alike.

I'm also a firm believer in the video referee having more input in assisting the on-field referee.

The guy upstairs in the box should be able to point out in the referee's ear there was a forward pass if play is allowed to continue.

There should also be a provision to allow the on-field referee to indicate he is unsure if a try has been scored or not when he refers it.

Sometimes the referee is calling a try and a difficult decision is not overturned, when if they were allowed to put their hands up and say "hey, I'm not sure here", let the video referee make the call himself.


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