Radar Illawarra: the week's music news

Musician Dan Sultan at home in Fitzroy. Picture: PENNY STEPHENS

Musician Dan Sultan at home in Fitzroy. Picture: PENNY STEPHENS

■ Beloved rock'n'roller Dan Sultan is coming our way in July in a big national tour to launch new album Blackbird. With worthy tour supports in Stonefield and Way Of The Eagle to accompany Dan on the road, he rolls into Waves on July 12.

■ Adelaide rockers and Triple J faves Bad/Dreems celebrate new single Dumb Ideas with an Aussie tour next month. Taking their Australiana-soaked tunes across the country, they're booked to play Music Farmers on May 24.Find it at soundcloud.com/baddreems/dumb-ideas

■ Shining Bird have announced a co-headline tour with Sydney indie band Ernest Ellis. Following an announcement of a show at Bulli's Heritage Hotel on the 26th, the bands will play Melbourne, Sydney and Milton in May and June, while Ernest Ellis play a show at Rad on May 15 too.

■ The full line-up for Music Farmers' Record Store Day celebration has been finalised, with a dozen bands and DJs on April 19. Step-Panther and Hank Haint will be joined by The Escarpment, Sydney guys Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun, The Pinheads and Rhys Scoular on the live front, while records will be spun by DJBlackbear and Honeybear and more. It's free and kicks off from 10am.

■ The UOW music society has teamed up with music clubs from UTS, Macquarie and Newcastle universities for a big inter-uni music society party at Spectrum in Sydney. One band will represent each university on May 14, with a contest to be held on May 1 at North Gong Hotel to see which band will fly the flag for UOW . Interested Wollongong bands should email uowmusicsociety@gmail.com.

■ Wollongong Uni's annual Superheroes and Villains party is back again April 17. The dress-up night will have Sheer Khan and a few DJs on board to spice up the party's entertainment.

■ The Farmer and the Owl Laneway Party is this Sunday. The venue is 279 Keira Street in Wollongong (next to Beaurepaires) and The Walking Who, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Day Ravies and more will set the CBD booming. Tickets available.


■Justin Frew’s Loose Intentions, The Nice Folk – Rad, Friday

■Harley Young, Nicole Brophy, T-Rex Radio – Rad, Saturday

■Steve Edmonds presents Mescalero – Sunday, Towradgi Beach Hotel

■SheerKhan – Wednesday, The Den

Super Heroes and Villains party – Thursday, Unibar

■Thirsty Merc – Thursday, Waves


■Bodyjar, Kohji, Crash Tragic – April 18, Waves

■Hunx & His Punx, Shannon & The Clams – April 20

■Parkside (Easter party) – Hotel Illawarra, April 20

■This House Moves w/ Huxley, Dopeamine – April 26

■Caravana Sun - Bombie Bar, April 27

Miners play the Farmer and the Owl Laneway Party with King Gizzard and The Walking Who on Sunday. Nicholas from the band gave us the lowdown on their backstory.

Who are Miners?

Miners are two dudes from Sydney and two from Wollongong. Blake (guitar/vocals) went to school with Paul (drums) in Wollongong. Blake wrote and recorded by himself for many years and Nicholas (bass) reached out to him online about playing together. Joshua (guitar) booked one of our early shows and later jumped on board.

When and how did the band start?

Blake started writing and recording around 2008. He eventually established a recording studio in the warehouse we record and rehearse in now. About 18 months ago Nicholas put out an ad online for a band. Blake was the only person to get in touch, we got together and had a ball. A few months later we realised we could take the music Blake had been working on into the live sphere. We started playing in 2013 as a three piece then Josh joined about a month ago

Describe your music 

We’re very noisy. Expect to not hear a word of Blake’s singing over the guitars. At our early shows we were playing loud enough to shatter a wine glass. Which is great because we didn’t know that was physically possible, then it happened right in front of us. Influences we generally  agree on are Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and local bands The Laurels, Dick Diver, King Gizzard and Day Ravies. We’re bloody stoked to be on this bill with two of our favourite local bands!

How did your sound develop and how has it changed over time?

Everything changed when we took it live. Songs began to develop, especially when Paul’s drumming came into the foray. Blake’s a great drummer and plays everything on the first mixes of all our songs but Paul has the edge we needed to really get it together live. A lot of  guitar songs came to life since Josh joined, too.

What’s the Wollongong music scene like now?

It’s exciting to have small venues like Rad bar putting on shows all the time. I met a guy who studied in England who told me all the local artists he studied with were saying if they ever came to Australia, Yours & Owls was pretty much the place to play at.  Lots of great bands stop by on tour and there’s some good local acts around too, so it’s looking good. 

We’re in the process of figuring out how to release our music. It’s been recorded and re-recorded, we’re just waiting until it sounds right before we release it - we’ve got an EP in mind, we wanna do split single releases with our friends. Right now though you can find us at facebook.com/minerstheband